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Mail Delivered Direct to Boxes (Vol. 1, Issue 7)

Mail for students residing at the dormitory will henceforth be delivered directly to the mailboxes instead of the college office as heretofore, Hyman R. Friedman, ‘34, Chairman of the Mail Committee of the Students’ Organization of the Yeshiva announced. 

This new system was initiated in order to comply with the many requests of the students for the termination of the delays in the delivery of mail frequent in the past. 

All letters addressed to dormitory residents, he stated, should bear the address “526 West 187th Street”, as deliveries will now be made in the dormitory building three times daily including Saturdays. 

The committee also reported that it will not be responsible for the letters of those dormitory students who do not possess a mail-box. Approximately one hundred students have already rented mail boxes. 

The mail-boxes committee consists of Hyman R. Friedman, ‘34, Chairman, and Frank Zafron, ‘37.