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Library Staff Adds Five Members; Dr. Lowan, Alumni, Give Books (Vol. 1, Issue 7)

Circulation in the library and size of the reference department have grown to such an extent that five new members have been added to the library staff. This announcement was mafe by Leo Usdan, head librarian, in a recent interview. 

The numerous additions to the library by Dr. Lowan and the Alumni have necessitated the increase of the library staff in anticipation of a large demand for these new volumes, according to Usdan. Dr. Lowan has cont...[illegible]... some valuable works on ...[illegible]... to the rapidly growing...[illegible]...collection. These have...[illegible]...placed on reference due to the frequent demand for them in the past. 

Other accessions by the reference department include a new collection of Hebrew Literature in both English and Hebrew which have been donated by the Alumni Association. 

The library is in its fourth year of existence and was instituted and built up mostly through student aid. The reference collection consists of volumes useful to the majority of students in their graduate and undergraduate work besides encyclopedae, dictionaries and other standard reference works.