By: Louis Werfel  | 

In the Editor’s Mail Box (Vol. 1, Issue 8)

To the Editor of The Commentator. 

Dear Sir: 

In the name of Hapoel Hamizrachi of Yeshiva College I wish to express my thanks to the following people who helped to make our smoker the brilliant success it was: 

1. To the Toastmaster and speakers for their inspiring words. 

2. To Mr. and Mrs. Gruber of the Cafeteria for their kind cooperation in lending the necessary utensils for serving tea. 

3. To Mr. Purvis for his help in getting the necessary chairs and tables. 

4. To Lou Muss, “Red” Kasten, Eliezer Goldman, and “Zach” Gellman for those delicious cakes and cookies. 

5. To the fifty-odd students who volunteered their nickels and dimes to cover the expenses of the affair. 

6. To the “Maestro” Kurtzman, Sam Adelman, and “Chazan” Cooper for their entertaining singing. 

7. To Nat Taragin, Student Dining-Room Manager, for taking charge of the Cafeteria while we used it to prepare the tea. 

8. To the Co-op Store for supplying us with cigarettes at cost price. 

9. To all other fellows who, each in his own way, helped towards the success of this Smoker. 

Louis Werfel,

Sec’y of Hapoel Hamizrachi of Yeshiva College