By: S. Skoop Rhed  | 

Hapoel Hamizrachi Greets Freshmen With Billows of Smoke, Cake, Speakers, Dances, and a Veteran (Vol. 1, Issue 8)

Amid billowy clouds of smoke, curling and floating their way to the ceiling and walls of the Dormitory Social Hall on Sunday night, of that never to be forgotten Nov. 11th, 250students of all ages, sizes and departments gathered to attend the first meeting of the academic year of the Hapoel Hanizrachi, given n honor of the Freshman class to add to their knowledge of Mizrachi ideology to drink tea and eat cake, to smoke cigarettes  “on the house”, and to be entertained by the Old Maestro himself — none other than “Shamai” Kurtzman and his gang of merry music-makers. 

Mr. Moses I. Feuerstein ‘36, Editor of the Commentator, who basso profundo voice to good

advantage, and bestowed the title of “honorary member of the boys” upon Bernard Lander 36,

President of the society, in. introducing him to the assemblage. Lander welcomed the guests and new members of the organization and thanked the members of the Arrangements committee for their cooperation in general, and those delicious (Yum Yum) cakes and cookies (especially those cookies), in particular.

Benjamin Kreitman ’39, President of the Freshman class was the next speaker, and in a voice 22 fathoms below sea level, thanked the organization and its members for their efforts, and voiced the importance of the society as a means of enlightenment to the Jewish Youth on Contemporary Jewish Problems. 

Samuel Adelman ’38, did his bit by singing a song, after which Morris Dembowitz, (Ye. President of Student Council), pledged his support and co-operation with the organization. (For a past Agudah member to say this, means the organization is making headway).

Representatives for the Alumni were Joseph Kaminetsky ’32, David Petegorsky ‘35 — Simsowitz Administration — and that favorite veteran, Louis “Pop” Simsowitz ‘76 (not 1876 but 1776, one of the signers of the Constitution, not the S.O.Y. Constitution, if there be such a thing, but the Constitution Hearst is so fond of). Simsowitz formed an impressive sight as he sat there with two crutches to support him (he lost a leg in the French and Indian War). A hushed murmur went about the room as this Grand Old Man of the Mizrachi paid keen attention to the proceedings with no evident display of the senility one would be likely to expect in a man of such venerable age. 

Dr. Churgin, Dean of Teachers’ Institute, emphasized the need for unification of the efforts between those who work intellectually and those work materially for Eretz Yisroel. 

“Hapoel Hamizrachi is following the principles of the Prophets, Ezra and Nehemiah, who built Palestine and the Jewish nation according to our present concepts and ideology, he declared.