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Council Makes Grants of $238 in First Meeting; Moses Feuerstein Again Head of Commentator; Committees Appointed (Vol. 1, Issue 7)

Two hundred and thirty-eight dollars was appropriated to the various student organizations by the Student Council at the first meeting of the new school year last Tuesday. The list of appropriations’ included:

Loan Fund — $63

Commentator — $15

Chess Team — $15.

Concert Bureau — $5

A further loan of $50 was made to the Co-op Store. Mr. Dembowitz, President, opened the meeting with a strong appeal for co-operation. “If this Council will pull together, we can make this year one of the most

eventful in the history of student activity at Yeshiva,” he said.

Ratifies Appointments 

The Council ratified the following appointments: 

Extra Curricular Activities Committee: M. Dembowitz, Chairman, L. Muss, S. Noveck, B. Lander, and L. Usdan. 

Co-op Store Committee: L. Usdan, Chairman, E. Zolt, and I. Eisenberg. 

Concert Bureau: M. Hurwitz, Chairman, X. Neuman; D. Mintz, and S. Bernfeld

Loan Fund Committee: H. Aronoff, Chairman, E. Goldman, and Z. Gellman. 

Constitutional Committee: A. Friedman, Chairman,S. Kornfeld, D. Shmerler, and M Werb.

Athletic Board: E. Kasten, Chairman, A. Kaplan, W. Kaufman, K. Levitan, and M. Hurwitz.” 

Insignia Committee: S.A. Kornfeld, Chairman, T. Eisenberg, and L. Usdan

Editorship Affirmed

The reappointment of Moses I. Feuerstein as Editor of the Commentator was affirmed. Ratification was also received by the reappointments of L. Usdan as Chief Librarian, and I. Eisenberg and E. Zolt as co-managers of the Co-op Store. 

Memers of this year’s council are: M. Dembowitz, pres., L. Muss, vice-pres., M. Werb, sec’y, S. Noveck, editor of the Masmid, W. Kaufman, I. Marine, I. Ribner, A. Cohen, I. Eisenberg, N. Goldklang, P. Kreitman, L. Lifschitz.