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Commentator Policies Commended By Alumni (Vol. 1, Issue 8)

At a meeting of the Alumni Association of Yeshiva College held last Sunday afternoon in the dormitory Social Hall, plans, were perfected for a theatre party to be held Tuesday evening, December 10, at the Martin Beck Theatre on West 45th Street, where Burgesse Meredith and Richard Bennet are starring in “Winterset”, one of the current Broadway successes.

Israel Upbin ‘32, general chairman in charge of the theatre party, said, “Inasmuch as the entire proceeds of the affair will go to the College, we expect the full cooperation of the undergraduate student body in order to make it a success.” Isaac Goldberg.’33, secretary of the association, will be in charge of the sale of tickets, which may be procured from any alumnus. 

A resolution offered by Rabbi Hyman Muss ‘32 commending the editorial policy of the Commentator and expressing the hope that it would continue to develop in its present spirit was unanimously approved by the alumni. Hershel Revel ‘34 was among the few not voting. 

A motion to award the Alumni Medal for 1935 was defeated. In the presentation of the medal in

1934, the administration acted contrary to specific provisions of the Alumni Association’s constitution despite the Alumni committee’s strenuous objection to such action. Because of this, the Alumni exectitive voted not to present the medal in 1935 and so informed the administration.

The Alumni voted to create a permanent Committee on Curriculum as proposed by David. W. Petergorsky ’35.

The administration has seen fit to act in harmony with the alumni’s sentiment for the new Sociology Department and opposing the proposed School of Business. 

Mr. Engelberg brought before the alumni a request by Dr. Revel that the association use its money for the purpose of endowing lectureships in the college. The alumni were also informed that a chair in Jewish philosophy has been endowed for this year, and that the administration is trying to arrange for Dr. Wolfson to deliver the lectures. 

Mr. Petergorsky, in the name of a large number of alumni, voiced a vigorous protest against having Dr. Wolfson deliver lectures in Jewish philosophy at Yeshiva College, because of his reputation as an outspoken opponent of orthodoxy and a disbeliever in divine revelation.