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Co-op Store Expands; To Sell Banners and Posters to Students (Vol. 1, Issue 7)

Erwin I. Zolt, ‘36, manager of the Yeshiva Co-op Store announced that “banners and pasters will soon be displayed for sale on the newly installed shelves of the store so that students may have an opportunity of displaying their college spirit.” The Students’ Council has granted a loan of fifty dollars for this purpose. 

Among the new innovation in merchandise on sale in the Co-op Store is the introduction of stationery for student’s personal use. A ‘Y’ encircled by the Yeshiva college seal is in the upper left hand corner of each sheet. For the dormitory students, envelopes of the same quality as the sheets with the Riets Hall address can be obtained. Mr. Zolt revealed however, that non-dormitory students may purchase plain envelopes without the Riets Hall superscription. The Co-op Store also has among its new features Parkette pen and pencil sets which were placed on sale two weeks ago at a figure fifty cents below the advertised price of leading New York City department stores. Moreover, he stated, through the medium of the store students may avail themselves of the opportunity to buy newbooks at a reduction of twenty per cent.

It is the policy of the Co-op Store to place on sale each week some new specialty. To acquaint the students with these specialties, notices will be posted on the bulletin board which is directly outside the store. 

The staff of the Co-op Store consists of Erwin I. Zolt, manager, Isaiah J. Eisenberg, assistant manager, and Lester Silverman, assistant.