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Administration Proposes 2 New Faculty Members (Vol. 1, Issue 8)

Two new additions to the faculty of Yeshiva. College have been made the administration revealed today. They are Dr. David Bidney, instructor of philosophy, and Dr. Samuel Belkin, who will teach in the Ancient Languages Department. 

Dr. Bidney, who obtained his degree at Yale University and has lectured at the University of Toronto, will assume his new position here next term. Dr. Belkin, who received his doctor’s degree at Brown University and is also a former Yeshiva student, is to instruct a class in Greek and Hellenic Literature. Up to the present, he has been doing research work.

Although Dr. Belkin’s appointment was for this semester, semi-official reports from administration circles had offered grounds to believe that he would not actually begin his lectureship until next term, due to a petition of the Greek class.

The latter filed vigorous objections with the administration against the induction of a new instructor at this time, maintaining that the present instructor should continue to the end of the semester because of the late date. 

They cited the fact that the induction of Dr. Belkin this semester will constitute the third instructor the class has had in the last month.