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Administration Plans Smoker for Freshmen (Vol. 1, Issue 8)

A smoker given by the members of the faculty of the College in honor of the incoming Freshmen will be held on Sunday, December 1 in the Social Hall at nine o’clock. This was announced by Dr. Safir, dean of Yeshiva College, who is representing the faculty in making the necessary arrangements for the affair. 

To Be Held Dec. 1

The purpose of this smoker is to permit instructors and students to know one another personally. It will be in the nature of a “get-acquainted” affair. 

Dr. Safir, rather than set the date for this affair himself, put the matter up to the Freshman class, which chose the date most convenient to the members of the class, December 1. 

This will be the second smoker to be given in honor of the incoming Freshmen. The first one was given by Hapoel Hamizrachi on November 17.