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Termination of Food Troubles Seen by Taragin (Vol. 1, Issue 6)

At the first meeting of the Students’ Dining Room Committee this term, Nathan Taragin, S.O.Y. Dining Room Manager, told the members that “most of the students’ food troubles are past” and assured them that “with the full patronage of the student body, no further food problems would be encountered.”

Mr. Gruber, new manager of the dining room, assured the committee that his primary aim was to satisfy the student’s culinary tastes in regard to both food and price. With two years’ experience as caterer to Camp R.J.J., and with the competent assistance of Mrs. Gruber, a qualified dietician, he feels sure that this high level can be reached.

An essential feature of the policy of the new Dining Room management is to help alleviate monetary difficulties of individual students. Students will now be allowed to work as waiters during supper time in return for a complete meal. This plan will aid both stipend students as well as those not on the stipend list who desire to earn or save money.

Another important feature of the newly introduced policy is to allow the student body to remain directly in touch with the kitchen through the medium of a student Kashruth supervisor. Rabbi Mazo, a student of the Yeshiva, is now acting in that capacity. Rabbi Mazo reported to the committee that the management is very willing to follow his suggestions with regard to the kitchen.

Voices Hope of Harmony

Mr. Taragin, at the close of the meeting, voiced a hope that “with the installation of the new Dining Room Management favorable to student demands, we may look forward to complete harmony between the interests of both the Student Body and the Management.”