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Dr. Leo Jung Urges Unity of Students at J.U.C. Meeting (Vol. 1, Issue 6)

Addressing the opening meeting of the Jewish University Club held on October 14 at the Jewish Center, Rabbi Leo Jung, Professor of Ethics at the Yeshiva College, called upon Orthodox Jewish University students to organize into a united body having as its purpose the strengthening of the ties of Orthodox Judaism in America. 

Referring to the movement which arose among the Jewish University students in Germany in the nineteenth century, Dr. Jung urged the members of the Club to study and learn the true meaning of “Torah-True” Judaism. 

He further urged them to go…[illegible]...this knowledge in minde…[illegible]...the Synagogues…[illegible]...and demand…[illegible]...rights which are theirs, namely, to improve the technique, to participate in the problems and privileges of Torah-True Judaism.

In line with Rabbi Jung’s plea a series of informal Seminars was announced by Simeon Goldstein, chairman of the Cultural Committee. Such Seminars as Jewish Customs and Ceremonies and Bible and Hebrew Conversation will be conducted by the members of the Jewish University Club. Enrollment by the members was begun immediately.