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Dr. D. Swick Announces Medical Department Will Begin Work Soon (Vol. 1, Issue 6)

The medical department of the Yeshiva College is to be completely re-organized and will start examining the college students immediately after the close of the holidays, Dr. Swick, Medical Director, disclosed.

Due to the constant increase of Students in the Yeshiva College, the needs and facilities of the medical service are being increased accordingly. 

September 22, the new High School students were examined by the Yeshiva College Medical Staff. The records are at present a part of the permanent office records. Further examinations are scheduled for today when heights and weights are to be recorded. Sunday the remainder of the medical examinations will be completed. 

The health committee, with Louis Satlow in charge, under the supervision of Dr. Swick, the Medical Adviser, has embarked on a ten point program for this year:

1. Complete care of the sick.

2. Keeping of permanent medical records.

3. Continued treatment of student defects. 

5. Keeping in daily touch with the Medical Adviser.

6. Correspondence with physicians about light cases.

7. Supervision and replacement of medical supplies.

8. Research as to the origin of student defects.

9. Reorganization of Maimonides Heath Club.

10. Arrangement for speakers and programs for meetings.

All those students who are interested in helping to maintain the welfare of the Health Club were asked to get in touch with Louis Satlow.

The committee expressed a vote of thanks to Morris Zelman for his work in establishing the Medical Society. He is at present studying medicine at John Hopkins University.