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Student Health Club to be Organized by Medical Dept. (Vol. 1, Issue 4)

The formation of a Yeshiva College student health club, probably to be called the Maimonides Health Society, was announced Thursday evening, May 2nd by Dr. David Swick, head of the Yeshiva College Health Department. 

Feeling that there was a great need for such an organization in the institution, Dr. Swick declared that the present was the most opportune time to launch the new club in view of the enthusiasm animating student activities this year. 

While the wider scope of the club will be concerned with general hygiene, lectures and instruction in all phases of first aid will also be an integral part of the program. Dr. Swick announced that he planned to give the more interested and promising members of the society actual first aid experience by allowing them to assist at clinics where they will come face to face with all the different situations that can arise in an institution of this type. 

Eventually the Maimonides Health CLub will apply for membership to the American Student Health Association, Dr. Swick declared. The National Student Health Association is composed of organizations in each state whose membership derives from the various college societies.