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‘No Compromise’ Policy a Success — N. Taragin; Non-Profit System Urged as Only Real Solution (Vol.1, Issue 5)

Carrying out his policy of ‘no compromise”, Mr. Taragin, S.O.Y. Dining Room Manager, stated that during the short period of the new administration, changes for the benefit of the student body have been noted. “Never in the history of the dining room has the student opinion meant as much as it does today,” Mr. Taragin said. He referred to the pressure brought to bear upon the dining room management for a reduction in the price of certain food articles.

“Until recently numerous complaints have been received from students charging that prices of certain. foods were excessively high. After discussing the matter with the Dining Room Committee, this complaint was brought before the dining room management and the results were favorable. For the students.” 

Complaints Diminished

According to Mr. Taragin, the number of complaints received about the quality of the food have also diminished. However, new problems have arisen. The permanent supervisor retained jointly by the S.O.Y. and the Dining Room was unable to continue his work in that capacity because funds for the upkeep of this position were lacking. Rabbi Mazo, a student of the Yeshiva, was therefore temporarily appointed to see that the necessary supervision be provided. Mr. Taragin too, has announced his intention to do his best to help in this matter. 

“Our work has just begun”, Mr. Taragin stated, “We will turn every stone with the hope of improving existing conditions, quantity and quality of food. I am of, the sincere conviction that our goal will have been reached only when the Yeshiva dining room, is put on a non-profit making basis.”