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New Business School Announced By College (Vol. 1, Issue 4)

Plans for the Yeshiva College School of Business…[illegible]... first step in the expansion of Yeshiva College, were distributed by the administration to a Commentator representative last week. 

In response to steadily increasing demands by numerous Jewish institutions and agencies, according to Dr. Safir, Yeshiva will admit in September of this year the freshman class of the School of Business Administration. 

The administration believes that there is room in industry…[illegible]... for the really well-…[illegible]... Jewish business…[illegible]... that graduates will be…[illegible]... absorbed by Jewish…[illegible]... it seeks to produce a…[illegible]... developed and well-rounded personality, integrating into the curriculum the liberal arts…[illegible]...and educating the …[illegible] an appreciation of…[illegible]... its culture and spirit…[illegible]... course for which a maximum of 16 credits will be allowed. 

New Courses 

Students enrolled in the proposed school will be graduated after a four year course with a Bachelor of Science degree based upon a double major in Business rather than two separate majors in other departments. According to the tentative curriculum, courses taken during the first two years will be closely allied to those of the liberal arts students. 

Business mathematics will be substituted for Mathematical Analysis and Business English for Composition and Grammar. Courses in Economics will also be open to freshman in this department, but all other requirements will remain the same. 

Sophomores will be offered Principles of Accounting and a course in either Banking or Marketing. Juniors will be required to take the usual 15 credits of Philosophy, Psychology and Ethics; all other courses during the last two years will be elective in the business field.