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Lookstein at University Club Condemns Zionist Labor Party (Vol. 1, Issue 4)

The Labor Party of the Zionist movement was condemned as a danger to the future development of Palestine by Rabbi Joseph H. Lookstein in his address at a meeting of the Jewish University Club on May The meeting, the last one of the season, was held in the Social Hall of the Kehilath Jeshurun Synagogue. 

Rabbi Lookstein praised the ideals of the Revisionist Party but criticized the military spirit which, he said, has unfortunately grown up in the movement. 

The Laborite Party was held by the speaker, to be incompatible with Judaism because it is based on the Marxist philosophy. The Rabbi accused the Laborites who control the Zionist Actions Committee of denying immigration certificates to impoverished middles class Jews in order to build up and maintain Laborite capital rule in Palestine. 

In conclusion, he praised the Mizrachi Party for its work in creating a religious Palestine, and urged the audience to participate in the coming Zionist elections in order to support the Mizrachi movement. Rabbi Lookstein ended his address by urging upon his audience the ideal of …[illegible]...