By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Looking Forward (Vol.1, Issue 5)

We understand that several informal conferences between the Administration and representatives of the student body have been held recently in reference to the issues the Commentator has raised. Though. secrecy enshrouds these meetings, it is rumored that they offer substantial grounds for optimism among the students. Definite announcement can be expected shortly. 

Meanwhile, we again wish to impress on the student body that this lull does not indicate a cessation of our efforts to “Yeshiva-ize the College.” We urge the students to bear our ‘objectives in view and to clamor for their realization. 

Some misunderstanding has arisen in the minds of students and faculty members alike as to the exact nature of our suggestions. We present them, herewith,. briefly and succinctly: 

We suggest:

1. An emphatic restatement of the fact, that this institution is not a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as generally understood, but a Yeshiva College, indicating that its Jewish aspect must be stressed to a greater degree than it has been in the past.

2. The addition to the curriculum of courses in Jewish History, Jewish Literature, Modern Jewish Problems, Jewish Philosophy, etc.

3. That these courses be integrated into the program, that they be planned with the same care as the other parts of the curriculum, that they be placed on a par with the secular courses on the program, that certain courses in Jewish studies be required of every college student and that a specific number of credits in these studies be requisite for graduation.

4. That the Hebrew Department of the Yeshiva be reorganized.

5.That all immediate attempts at expansion be in the direction we have indicated. 

6. That the establishment of a Business School be postponed as premature until an integrated curriculum in the College as presently constituted is established. 

7. That no students be admitted to Yeshiva College who do not qualify as regular students of the Yeshiva or the Beth Medrash. 

8. That a course in Sociology be added to the curriculum to afford those planning rabbinical or teaching careers an opportunity to integrate their social studies. 

9. That a committee consisting of three members of the faculty, three representatives designated by Student Council, and a chairman chosen by mutual agreement be formed to consider student and institutional problems as they directly affect the student body. 

10. That the members of the faculty of Yeshiva College have a knowledge and appreciation of as well as a respect for the ideals of Yeshiva College.