By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Kidnapped or ??? (Vol. 1, Issue 4)

“How long, pray oh Catiline, will you test our forbearance?”

The Student body of Yeshiva College has during the past four years, been waging a continual fight for the establishment of satisfactory conditions in the dining-room. Our complaints have been. laid before the Administration, the Woman’s Auxiliary, Student Councils and practically every other organization affiliated with the institution. Our efforts have yet to be capped with success.

Last month, after weeks of chaos, we were certain that at least one of our several demands, the long-standing, one that a “mashgiach” be employed in the dining-room, had been satisfied. Yet, on our return to school, the fact that we are forced to serve ourselves with bread and butter is evidence enough of the disappearance of the “mashgiach.” Either a new kidnapping wave, sweeping the country, has hit the Yeshiva or his retention has become too costly in terms of profit. We shoes to believe the latter. 

A continual repetition of such instances strains our patience to the breaking-point. 

The establishment of the dining-room on a non-profit basis offers the only solution to the dining room problem.