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Excavations Unearth Old Baseball Records; Discovery Starts Search by Yeshiva-ites (Vol.1, Issue 5)

A survey of recent excavations in the East has brought to light the discovery that the modem game of baseball was a favorite pastime of early man from the dawn of the Devonian period through Biblical times. 

Inscriptions in several caves of a Babylonian mount, indicate that inter-tribal. ball playing was an annual affair in the age of the Neanderthal man and was carried on with great success in spite of the varied jibberings and occasional raids of the Tyrannosaurus and Cynogathus species. 

Research Encouraged

These discoveries. have led Yeshiva humanists to delve into the archives of ancient lore and Biblical literature in an attempt to bring forth facts and scholarly implications on this timely subject. 

The following. discoveries have been made: (a) Considerable mention is made of the big inning

(beginning) ;(b). King Solomon had a diamond; (c) The serpent was the first coach. He coached Eve, and she stole first and Adam stole second; (d) Adam and Eve were both put out; (e): Noah put the dove out on a fly; (f) Rebbeca walked with the pitcher to the well; (g) Moses made a run after he slew the Egyptians; (h) Abraham made a sacrifice; (i) Samson struck out often when he beat the Phillistines; (j) Goliath was struck out by David; (k) Moses shut out the Egyptians at the Red Sea; (l) an Ruth was first in the field.