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Council at Meeting Unanimously Endorses Commentator Policy; Petergorsky Urges Support of Paper’s Campaign (Vol. 1, Issue 4)

A unanimous vote of confidence in the editorial policy of The Commentator was raised by Student Council in its first meeting held on May 1, since the Passover vacation. Enthusiastically approving the tone and content of the editorials of the issue of April 8th, the Council commended the entire staff on the excellent progress the newspaper has accomplished in every phase since its initial appearance. 

In bringing up the motion it was pointed out that efforts were already being made by the administration to invalidate the editorials by labeling them as individual opinion. The entire purpose and effort would therefore be offset unless the Council, as the official representative of the student body formally endorsed them. 

David W. Petegorsky, ‘35, in asking the adoption of this motion, declared, “The Commentator in its last issue has given expression to the sentiment of the overwhelming majority of the student body The issues it has raised are fundamental to the existence of the institution. It is the duty, of Council as the voice of the undergraduates to rally in support of The Commentator in its fight for a truly Jewish college.” 

Student Council not only passed a motion of confidence, but went so far as to urge The Commentator to continue its policy, particularly in reference to the editorial calling for more Jewish courses in the College, and promised to back the newspaper to the utmost towards achieving this goal. 

The following appropriations were also made at the Council meeting: 

$25— Student Library 

$17— Athletic Dept. 

$15— The Commentator