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Maimonides Lectures to be Launched Soon; Outstanding Scholars Will Speak Before the Student Body (Vol. 1, Issue 3)

A series of public lectures at Yeshiva College by eminent scholars in honor of the Maimonides Octocentennial definitely will be given and will begin immediately after Passover. This was revealed to David W. Petergorsky, ‘35 president of Student Council, during an interview with Dr. Revel, president of the faculty, on Friday, April 5. 

The decision marks the successful culmination of a struggle by The Commentator to have Yeshiva College resume its plans for participation in the world wide Maimonides anniversary celebration, which has been suspended because of the opposition expressed in certain influential Orthodox circles. 

Schedule Indefinite

Although the complete schedule of dates has not been arranged definitely, opening lectures will be given on Monday, April 30 and the following Monday, May 6, by Professor Harry Wolfson of Harvard University. Professor Wolfson is an outstanding authority on medieval philosophy…[illegible]...A lecture on “The Life and Works of Maimonides From a New Angle”, will be given on April 30 by Dr. Solomon Zeilin of Dropsie and Yeshiva College, whose book, Maimonides “The Man and His Works”,…[illegible]... president of the faculty of Yeshiva and Yeshiva College will speak on SOme Fundamental Aspects of Maimonides at the beginning of May. Dr. Soloveitchik of Boston, son of Rabbi Moses Soloveichik, Rosh Hayeshiva, will also speak during the early part of May.