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Joint Graduation Witnessed by 1500; Many Notables Attend (Vol. 1, Issue 3)

Before an assemblage of over fifteen hundred people  gathered in the Yeshiva Auditorium, the Yeshiva and Teachers’ Institute held joint graduation exercises on Tuesday, March 26th. Thirty-seven. students received their rabbinical degree from the Yeshiva, and twelve students were awarded their Hebrew Teacher's Certificate from the Teachers’ Institute. 

The ordination ceremony began with a procession of many distinguished rabbis, faculty. members of both departments, the graduates, and members of the Board of Directors, who proceeded down the aisle to the accompaniment of the Yeshiva Choral Society, a group of 37 voices under. The direction of Dr. Aharony, eminent Jewish musician and composer.

Delivers Invocation 

Rabbi Levinthal of Philadelphia, delivered the invocation and was followed by Rabbi Moses Soloveichek, Rosh Hayeshiva, who urged the graduates to continue their studies, the field of Jewish knowledge being limitless. 

Dr. Revel, Rosh Hayeshiva and president of the faculty of Yeshiva College, stressed the importance of the Sabbath and religious training of the youth in the fundamental concepts of traditional Judaism. 

Immediately after the ordi…[illegible]... of the graduates…[illegible].. addresses were delivered by Rabbi N. Drazin of…[illegible].. delivered the…[illegible]... address…[illegible]... The Hebrew speaker of the after… was Mr. B. Faivelson, valedictorian of the Teachers’ Institute, who emphasized the importance of an Eretz Yisroel based on traditional religious principles.