By: Dizzy E. Dean  | 

In the Editor's Mail Box (Vol. 1, Issue 3)

To the Editor of The Commentator: 

Dear Sir: 

When the Commentator was still a dream not so long ago, one of the main arguments advanced in favor of its establishment was the belief that only through its columns could frank student opinion be expressed on the institution in general and the administration in particular. 

Thus far, two issues of the Commentator have appeared and the sum total of all their “fiery” editorials has been some mild and evasive opinions on general questions. The fact that the editors “dared” to suggest something concerning the Rambam affair to the administration I fully appreciate, but the risk involved fails to thrill me, frankly. 

What is about to follow is not being written with much hope of being printed, for to express the real student opinions would probably be asking too much…[illegible]... a faint and lingering confidence in the promises of the Governing Board still prompts me to make this last attempt. 

Of all the topics that could be chosen I have selected the college administration for it is in that direction that the most flagrant student complaints are leveled. The unsympathetic attitude taken by the college office towards many individual student problems has long been a sore spot. Twice during this academic year did this unwarranted intolerance manifest itself when two classes asked that their hours be changed for many legitimate reasons. Instead of attempting to work out a satisfactory solution, the first reaction of the college office was that of taking advantage of its superior position by giving out such unfair alternatives “either take the course or leave it!” As if the office didn’t realise the impossibility and unfairness of the latter! Eventually, each case was settled but only after undue worry and stress on the part of the students and a corresponding strain of reactions with and loss of respect for the office. 

The same attitude has…[illegible]... office realized that students — and faculty members and the office of staff too —…[illegible]... be accord the elements of courteous policy such as is being pursued to … highly inimical to the principles…[illegible]... on which Yeshiva College is founded. 

The Commentator as the official…[illegible]... of student opinion should shoulder responsibility in taking lead to …[illegible]... the college of this wholly un-Jewish attitude before it becomes too deeply entrenched in the institution. 

Dizzy E. Dean, St. Louis