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Dr. Litman Opens Student Forums on Maimonides (Vol. 1, Issue 3)

Before a group of over one hundred enthusiastic students gathered in the dormitory Social Hall last Wednesday night, Dr. Alexander Litman, of the department of philosophy at Yeshiva College, delivered the first of a series of lectures sponsored by the Student Council in commemoration of the eight hundredth anniversary of the birth of Maimonides. 

Dr. Litman, who has made an extensive study of Maimonides, chose as his topic, “Maimonides: The Redeemer of Man.”

The large assemblage was called to order by David W. Petergorsky, president of the Student Council. Petergorsky, in his opening remarks, pointed out that the lecture marked the first attempt by any group in the institution to honor the memory of the Rambam. 

…[illegible]...  introducing Dr. Litman, Petergorsky declared, “It is but…[illegible]...  that the opening lecture of this student series…[illegible]...  be delivered by that…[illegible]...  during…[illegible]...  Yeshiva College has proved himself the most devoted and sincere friend of the student body.” 

“According to Maimonides,” Dr. Litman declared, “man must have a nutritive basis, an economic basis, which means that man must not deny himself the basic requirements that sustain life.” This, Dr. Litman pointed out, was violently opposed by the Mohammedan and Christian conceptions of the time which taught that man must escape as much as possible from the material world, and which as a result sanctioned the practice of monasticism and self denial.”

Man Social 

Maimonides was pictured as maintaining that man, before he can approach the study of the spiritual power, must live with other men. It is only after man lives within society that he can approach the study of divinity. Only one who has adjusted himself economically and so…[illegible]...  according…[illegible]...  philosophy…[illegible]...  of Spinoza whose…[illegible]...