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Yeshiva To Have Semitics Department (Vol. 1, Issue 1)

Definite plans toward the establishment of a department of Semitic Languages in Yeshiva College have been announced this week. Courses in the various Semitic languages will be given by outstanding scholars in the Fall Term of 1935, it was revealed. 

Although the faculty of the Semitic Languages Department is not as yet definite, it is expected that among its members there will be a member of Yeshiva alumni. 

According to present anticipations, Dr. P. Churgin, Dean of the Teachers’ Institute, will teach Syriac. Arabic will be taught by Dr. Schwartz, of Long Island University, and it is expected that the well-known Professor B— of Dropsie College, will teach the history of these languages. In addition to these subjects, a source on Talmudic literature will be offered, to be taught by Dr. B—.

In connection with three new studies a course in Greek will bestartedm and will be under the direction of Dr. Spire. 

Dr. Schwartz, Dr. B— and Dr. Spire are graduates of the Yeshiva.