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Scripta Mathematica Publishes New Volume; Will Be Distributed With Next Quarterly Issue of Journal (Vol. 1, Issue 2)

“Scripta Mathematica,” quarterly mathematical journal sponsored by the Yeshiva College, announces the early publication of the second of a series of volumes known as the Scripta Mathematica Library. This volume is to be entitled, “Question of Cosmic Mind in Mathemp- tics” and will be distributed together with a forthcoming issue of the quarterly. It is the work of Professor Cassius Jackson Keyser, one of the editors of “Scripta Mathematica.” 

The first volume of this series, “The Poetry of Mathematics” by Professor David Eugene Smith has already been hailed as a distinct contribution to American Arts and Letters. It is the plan of the editors to publish as the third volume in this series a work by Professor Jokuthiel Ginsburg and Professor Smith, entitled. “Studies of History of Hebrew Mathematics.” 

At the same time it was announced that the “Scripts Mathematica” is now to be found in the libraries of over 250. 

“Scripta Mathematica” is also sponsoring a series of lectures to be given by leading educators and scholars. Many distinguished speakers have pledged their presence at these lectures. Among them are Professor David. Eugene Smith and Professor Cassius Jackson Keyser.

The editors of the Scripta Mathematica are Professor Jekuthiel Ginsburg, Editor, Professor Raymond Clare Archibald, Professor Cassius Jackson Kédyser, Professor Louis Charles Karpinski, Professor Gino Loria, Dr. Joseph J. Schwarttz, Professor Lao Genevra Simons, Sir Thomas: Little Heath, Professor Adolf Fraenkel and Professor David Eugene Smith, Associate Editors.