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“Monroe Doctrine” Urged by Friedman, Head of Students Organization of Yeshiva (Vol. 1, Issue 1)

The resolution adopted by the College Student Council announcing the formation of a new dormitory committee to function exclusively as a college activity brought a cry of “Hands off our affair” from Israel E. Friedman, ‘33, president of the Students Organization of the Yeshiva. 

With the attempt to cover his indignation at this new move of the College Council, Israel Friedman plainly expressed himself. “This intrusion in our internal affairs is not welcome. We are quite able to cope with all dormitory problems through our own administration and need no outside interference.” 

When the reasons for the formation of the College Council Committee were pointed out to him, and especially the claim that the standing committee had been inattentive to student needs, and complaints of noise in the dormitory, President Friedman remarked that there was a possibility of some minot inefficiencies on the part of his committee but on the whole, he was unaware of any serious flaws. He continued to say that all criticism on the part of resident students was welcome but maintained firmly and forcefully that the solution of any dormitory question was, is, and always will be a prerogative of the S.O.Y. alone. 

In a more placated mood, however, president Friedman assured your reporter that if there are any serious deficiencies in the S.O.Y. dormitory committee, the matter will be attended to shortly and the proper measures will be taken. The reason for the negligence, if any, in the past, he explained was due to the fact that “the S.O.Y. has been busy feeding boys.”