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How Long Will Orthodoxy Slumber? (Vol. 1, Issue 1)

Of the many paradoxes: that exist in Jewish life today, the strangest and most disheartening is the fact that the group within the Zionist Organization that most violently opposes the introduction into Palestine of any semblance of traditional Jewish life should enlist among its supporters so many of the religious leaders of this country. The announcement of the Rabbinical Assembly of the Jewish Theological Seminary that it had voted at its last conference a resolution heartily endorsing the work of the Histadruth follows closely upon the decision of the Central Conference of American Rabbis to actively support the most anti-religious faction in the Holy Land.

However, it is not the inconsistency of the professional Histadruth agitators in this country that concerns us as much as does the statement in the press of the Rabbinical Assembly in apologising for its stand. Among other things, the Assembly declares: 

“That we are emphatically opposed to the introduction of any form of anti-religious teaching into Palestinian schools, we nevertheless know it to be the fact that the Histadruth and its… organizations have always… and been sympathetic to traditional Judaism.”

…[illegible]... incomprehensible to us how…[illegible]...  of responsible religious leaders, while voicing its desires to see Palestine develop along traditionally Jewish lines, can, in the same breath, give its approval to the faction which beyond a shadow of a doubt…[illegible]...  mainly responsible for the establishment of the present anti-religious tendencies …[illegible]...  in Palestine. What concerns us most, however, is the fact that we Orthodox Jews continue to slumber, blissfully unaware of the threatening danger. It is a fact that there are in Palestine today organized groups which, while insisting on the establishment of an enlightened social order on which our friends in the Reform and Conservative Camps place so much emphasis, draw their inspiration from and remain steadfast to the principles of Orthodox Judaism. Despite this, not one of the many Orthodox Rabbinical Organizations has raised its voice in their support. It is time that we realized that not…[illegible]...  but only by…[illegible]... support of the …[illegible]...  forces in Palestine …[illegible]...  rebuilt in the spirit of traditional Judaism.