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Forty Graduate From Yeshiva in Commencement (Vol. 1, Issue 2)

Celebrations by Jewish Communities throughout the United States and Canada will mark Yeshiva’s holiday when 30 rabbis and 10 teachers are graduated Tuesday, March 26. 

Nationwide organizations such as the Union of Orthodox Rabbis, the National Mizrachi and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations called upon their constituent bodies to participate in the commencement by sending delegates and stimulating interest in the Yeshiva as a Torah Center in America. 

Speakers at the occasion will include some of the most distinguished rabbis in América. Dr. Bernard Revel, president of the Yeshiva, will deliver the charge to the graduates. Others to address the gathering are the Senior Rabbi of the Yeshiva, Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik, Rabbi Kahano, who is president of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis, Honorary president of the Union, Rabbi B. L. Levinthal, and Rabbi Israel Rosenberg.

Graduates Lead Communities 

Among the Yeshiva graduates to be publicly ordained are alumni who already hold prominent positions as spiritual-leaders of communities in ten states. The valedictorians for the Yeshiva group will be Rabbi in Drazin M. A., of Baltimore, Maryland and Rabbi Mendel Levittas of Easton, Pennsylvania. Representing the graduates of the Teachers’ Institute is Baruch Faivelson. 

A banquet, or more correctly a seuda shel mitzva, will be held in the Yeshiva dining hall after the ceremonies, and will be attended by delegates from many cities, besides prominent members of metropolitan Jewry. Judge Otto A. Rosalsky and the Hon: Samuel Levy, president. Of the Borough of Manhattan, are to address the assemblage at the dinner.

Anniversary Chosen 

The date chosen for the affair is of special significance to Yeshiav, inasmuch as the 21st of… the anniversary of the death of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Spektor, in… nor the inst… named… it was…[illegible]... will be held …[illegible]...

Festiv…[illegible]...with a “Torah Sabbath”…[illegible]... communities in all …[illegible]... for sermons concerning…[illegible]... the significance of its…[illegible]... Yeshiva.