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Yair Shahak, first place winner of 2016 Adult Chidon, second from left

Yair Shahak: First Place International Chidon HaTanakh Winner

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Three of the following four clues (translated freely by the author) are referring to a biblical character:   1. Clean turban (tznif tahor)   2. Cake baked on coals and a jug of water (Ugat retzafim vetzapachat mayim)   3. Wadi Cherith (Nachal Krit)   4. A hairy man with a leather belt tied around his waist (Ish ba’al sear ve’ezor or azur be’motnav) Can you figure out (a) who the character is, and (b) which of the four hints... Read more

Nir Barkat speaks at YU

Mayor of Jerusalem Addresses YU Community Before Receiving Honorary Degree

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Dozens of members of the YU community came out to Weisberg Commons on Thursday evening, December 8 to hear brief words from Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem. Barkat, Jerusalem’s mayor since 2008, was introduced by President Joel, who conferred an honorary degree upon the mayor at Sunday’s 92nd Hanukkah Convocation and Commencement Ceremony. “Mayor Barkat was chosen to keynote this year’s convocation in celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, and because of his many... Read more


The Zeroth Commandment

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Tiqun Olam: The World’s Stake in Israel’s Future Over the course of Jewish nationhood, the powers that be have tried time and again to distance the Jewish people from their rightful inheritance. Through the great tides of history and the mightiest of empires, we survived and continue to gaze in earnest anticipation toward the holy city and the site of the holy of holies. The remarkable tenacity with which we hold onto the idea of the ‘return to Zion’ distinguishes... Read more


What Really Goes on Between Israel and Palestine

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For citizens of both Israel and America, the ongoing discord between Israel and Palestine is one of the most heavily scrutinized issues of foreign affairs. American politicians and members of the media have offered a wide range of opinions on the strife between the two sides and have asserted various methods to be used to solve the issue. Some believe that Israel should abandon all of its settlements in disputed territories and that doing so will convince the Palestinians to... Read more

CPI 2016

In Israel, Students Spend a Summer Building Camps and Experiences

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The school year was finally over, and to some that meant only one thing. Every year, Yeshiva University sends 24 individually picked students from a pool of well over 100 applicants to Israel for three and a half weeks. The aim is to run an American-style summer day camp for underprivileged teens coming from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds from different cities. The cities are all in the southern part of Israel, namely Arad, Dimona, and Kiryat Malachi. Each city had its... Read more

Kumzitz in Times Square

Israel Kumzitz at Times Square – United in Song and Dance

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Everyone knows the constant start and stop the of the New York City subways. Everyone is familiar with the hustle, bustle, pomp and circumstance that mark Times Square. That is a typical night in the city that never sleeps.   Only this was not a typical night. There was something unique about Sunday night, September 25. Walking the streets of Times Square, one encountered the usual tidal wave expected from the capital of the world. However, those that kept walking... Read more


Israel: Land of Milk, Honey, and the Accessible Abortion

November 6, 2016 12:03 pm Published by

In this election cycle, as in many others of recent years, an issue at the forefront was abortion; that is, when it should be legal, whether or not the government should fund Planned Parenthood, etc. The legalization of abortion has been the subject of two Supreme Court cases, and although it has become a widely accepted practice in this country, it remains a controversial issue for American politicians and citizens. Since abortion is a human rights issue, and is something... Read more

The Summer Olympic Scandal

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She scrolls through the endless list of country names, many she has never heard of, one country in mind. Blue and White, pride and tradition, I…I…Israel, Where is it? ———————————————————————————————————- He grins as he makes his way toward the bus, laughing with his teammates, anticipating the game. Sweat drips down his brow in the Rio heat, AC on his mind. He reaches the bus but someone stops him from boarding. He stands in the heat wondering, waiting… ———————————————————————————————————- Shock echoes... Read more

At Schneier Program Event, Experts Weigh in on Future of U.S.-Israel Relations

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On March 7, Yeshiva University’s Schneier Program for International Affairs brought together three distinguished experts on American-Israeli relations for a symposium on the topic of “The U.S.-Israeli Partnership: What Is It? Where Is It Going?” The event began with the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner, Hatikva, and a prayer for the state of Israel, led by Cantor Joseph Malovany. When the singing and numerous introductions concluded, the panel discussion commenced. Leading the discussion as moderator was Dr. Bernard Firestone, Dean... Read more


Jewish Self-Interests Must Not Trump Basic Values of Humanity

March 27, 2016 10:17 pm Published by 2 Comments

I left my first AIPAC Policy Conference with a strong feeling of optimism and inspiration, on the whole. The major takeaway for me was AIPAC’s ability to compel people to “come together,” as was the conference way, with respect and kinship, in a way that is not replicated almost anywhere in the United States. 18,000 people came together with the shared goal of supporting the United States-Israel relationship, representing an extremely diverse makeup of religious, political, and ethnic backgrounds. As... Read more