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YU Hits Refresh on Official Website

January 3, 2017 12:03 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Visitors to Yeshiva University’s official website,, on Tuesday, December 13th likely did a double-take, as a new, made-over version of the site became available to the public. In place of the old site’s oft-ridiculed clumsy layout, the new site’s homepage welcomes the viewer with an edge-to-edge artful photograph of a YU student, along with a user-friendly display allowing for efficient navigation to the also-redesigned informational pages about everything that YU has to offer. Perhaps more importantly, the site loads... Read more

IBC Adds New Opportunities for Students

April 17, 2016 8:51 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As the semester begins to come to a close, many people will start turning their attention towards next Fall. For students in IBC, they will notice several new developments that will enhance their program in the upcoming year. What sets IBC apart from the other Undergraduate Torah Studies programs is its diverse student body. Students join IBC for a plethora of reasons, and as such, the student body has many very different needs to be filled by the course offerings... Read more

Freshman Honors Experience Initiates First Class of Students

November 9, 2015 12:37 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Starting your college career can be tough. Adjusting to busy schedules, difficult assignments, and a new social environment often make the transition into this new stage of life an arduous one. Students who have achieved excellent marks up to this point in their schooling careers might find that maintaining their previous academic standards is quite daunting. Many of these students attend college on academic scholarships which require taking more difficult courses and maintaining a certain GPA. For this reason, many... Read more