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Yair Shahak, first place winner of 2016 Adult Chidon, second from left

Yair Shahak: First Place International Chidon HaTanakh Winner

January 3, 2017 12:06 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Three of the following four clues (translated freely by the author) are referring to a biblical character:   1. Clean turban (tznif tahor)   2. Cake baked on coals and a jug of water (Ugat retzafim vetzapachat mayim)   3. Wadi Cherith (Nachal Krit)   4. A hairy man with a leather belt tied around his waist (Ish ba’al sear ve’ezor or azur be’motnav) Can you figure out (a) who the character is, and (b) which of the four hints... Read more