What Really Goes on Between Israel and Palestine

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Joey Chesir

For citizens of both Israel and America, the ongoing discord between Israel and Palestine is one of the most heavily scrutinized issues of foreign affairs. American politicians and members of the media have offered a wide range of opinions on the strife between the two sides and have asserted various methods to be used to solve the issue. Some believe that Israel should abandon all of its settlements in disputed territories and that doing so will convince the Palestinians to... Read more

Alabama and the Confederate Flag: An Interview with Nate Trudeau

Published: November-22-2016       Author: Yitzchak Fried

By this time, it is well known that someone wore a Confederate flag at the YU election party. A widely circulated photo shows the student from the back, the flag draped around his shoulders like a cloak. For many, if not most, students on campus, the image was highly disturbing, with its clear connection to white supremacy and racism. Rabbi Kenneth Brander assured students in a recent letter to the student population that “Mr. Jonathan Schwab and Dr. Chaim Nissel... Read more

Is The YC Core Interdisciplinary?

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Yisroel Ben-Porat

When Yeshiva College implemented the Core Curriculum in 2012, it fundamentally changed its educational philosophy. Whereas the old curriculum required students to take classes from specific disciplines, the Core claims to be interdisciplinary. According to the official description on YU’s website, Core courses transcend traditional divisions between disciplines; CUOT courses “engage academic methods and approaches in more than one field,” and INTC courses “provide students with foundational tools for… various domains of the creative arts.” However, it is worth assessing... Read more

The Apple Revolution is Over

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Zach Sterman

A long time ago Apple led a revolution. Steve Jobs inspired a movement and fueled Apple’s success with his vision of a company that was a rebellion against the ordinary; a bastion of innovation where people were implored to ‘Think Different.’ That revolution is now dead. This is not to say that the company is falling apart. There is no question that Apple has achieved unprecedented success over the last 40-or-so years. Apple has now topped Forbes’ ranking of the... Read more

Trump’s Taxes and America’s Precarious Community

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Yitzchak Fried

America, it is said, is the land of individualism. Politically, our individualism can be seen in what we hold to be one of our dearest rights: the right of everyone to do whatever they like, so long as it doesn’t infringe on others’ ability to do the same. In other words, America’s individualism is the right to be left alone. This wouldn’t be strange, if not for the fact that Americans tend to allow the value of individualism to cloud... Read more

Israel Taboo at Einstein?

Published: November-06-2016       Author: David Mehl

In September of last year, a university (with longstanding connections to Israel) transferred control of a medical school (named for a renowned scientist who was publicly pro-Israel) to a medical center (which carries the name of a philanthropist who was one of the earliest supporters of Jewish settlement in Israel). In other words, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is one place where you wouldn’t expect celebrating Israel to be a taboo activity. At the beginning of each year at... Read more

Being Uncomfortable and Finding the Middle Ground

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Etai Shuchatowitz

I swear to god, if I have to hear one more conversation that begins with “Did you hear what Donald Trump said today,” I’m going to lose it. It’s not because what Donald Trump said today wasn’t stupid. It’s not because what Donald Trump said today was stupid. It’s because I did hear what Donald Trump said today. I heard it because I read the same news sources as everybody else – the ones that are all reporting on “What... Read more

Government Meddling in the Economy is Wrong For America, Mrs. Clinton

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Joey Salvin and the YU College Republican Board

This debate cycle is truly frustrating for any conservative hoping to pull the lever for the lesser of the two evils available to them. Throughout these last months the Democratic nominee, stained by corruption, contradiction and seemingly endless scandals, was made to look like the more “presidential” candidate relative to Mr. Trump. What is frustrating is the lingering feeling that if conservatives had a more refined candidate who understood the issues better, Clinton wouldn’t stand a chance. Her debacles would... Read more

Education: A Zero Sum Game

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Brian Snow

My first class in Yeshiva University started off about exactly the way you would it expect it too.  The Professor came into class, sat down, and spent a very tedious class period going through the whole syllabus cover to cover. Most of it was the standard information regarding the attendance policy and how many tests/paper we would have to complete in this class. However there was one thing in particular that caught my attention. When the professor reached the section... Read more

Why YU Needs a Hillel

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Samuel Gelman

When I was first applying to Yeshiva University I would always make the same joke to my parents: “Are you sure I should apply here? They don’t even have a Hillel. The Jewish life there must be terrible.” The Joke was funny because of its ridiculousness. Of course one of the few Jewish universities in America would have a thriving Jewish student lifestyle. How could it not? This is a question that crosses the minds of many first year students... Read more

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