Investing in Night Seder — YU’s Focus on the “Yeshiva Elite”

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Binny Shapiro

For many of us, the choice to acquire our college degrees at Yeshiva University, rather than at another college, was determined by YU’s notable opportunities for Torah learning and a Jewish environment. Aside from its esteemed Morning Seder program, YU’s Night Seder program offers its students a unique opportunity to engage in a two-hour communal gathering of Torah learning after the conclusion of daily college classes. YU is constantly developing new strategies to help students improve their efficiency during the... Read more

The Need for Varying Perspectives — Why We Would Benefit From Co-Ed Classes

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Akiva Schick

College English departments could justifiably be renamed “departments of discourse.” In all classes – literature, poetry, film studies, creative writing and more – the dance of ideas drives our studies. The English department has no lecture classes, no courses of professors standing before students, and no professor talks straight for seventy-five minutes. That is anathema to our work.        Instead, we discuss. We argue, and we disagree. At the best of times, we become heated in the midst of debate; opposing... Read more

Don’t Become Headline Blind: Hearsay, Headlines, and Fake News

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Judah Stiefel

Politics is in the air, and possibly in the water as well. I think it’s fair to say that this past season has been a bit more acidic than the usual. I’ve found it increasingly difficult to have quality political discussions over the past few months and weeks. That fault is mine and possibly yours. While it’s true that the two candidates this past election season have been the most polarizing in recent history, this is not the main reason... Read more

Nation of Immigrants

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Molly Meisels and Board of the College Democrats

America is a nation of immigrants. Every person reading this article is the child, grandchild or great-grandchild of an immigrant (unless you are of Native American descent). Our ancestors traveled to America’s shores seeking equality and safety from oppression. The gold-paved streets of our cities attracted people from all over the world who wished to leave nations of hopelessness and enter a nation of happiness. Our ‘nation of immigrants’ sets us apart from most other countries in the world. Our... Read more

Racism in the Orthodox Community

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Rabbi Jeremy Wieder

The following is an edited transcription of a sichah delivered by Rabbi Wieder to his shiur on November 17th, 2016.  The presentation has been edited with minor revisions, but still maintains much of the oral character of the original presentation.  A special thanks to Rabbi Wieder’s students Sam Berkovitz, Judah Kerbel, and Daniel Shlian for their work on the transcript. I wanted to address one issue that was brought to my attention that I found to be very disturbing. And... Read more

Stronger Together

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Dan Luxenberg

I stumbled upon CNN the other night and noticed the rallies that were happening all across the country and joked about attending; I checked Twitter and Facebook and joked, again, about attending. It was when Don Lemon denounced an instance of violence of one protester’s acknowledgment that casualties were imminent on both sides, when historians began writing a new chapter for our children’s history textbooks. My facebook newsfeed is inundated with #NotMyPresident posts followed by comments reading, “get over it.”... Read more

Scars and Bars: A Confederate Flag on Campus

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Molly Meisels

Yeshiva University stands on a moral high ground. As a Jewish institution, YU has an obligation to be forward-thinking when others are not and to avoid silence in situations of injustice. This is not only due to the moral implications of apathy, but also because, as Jews, we know what it feels like to be victimized and demeaned. From the beginning of our history, Jewish people have been murdered and persecuted for the God we believe in and the messiah... Read more

The Confederate Flag You Never Knew

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Uri Segelman

As most things are in life, the meaning of the Confederate flag (CF) is much more nuanced than modern society will have you believe. In short, it is not the racist, treasonous symbol mainstream America makes it out to be. Rather, it is a symbol that celebrates Southern heritage and, specifically, the uniquely Southern sacrifice for this country, the United States. What we call today the CF is really the Second Confederate Navy Jack (1863-1865). In square form, the flag... Read more

Breaking Rules and a Successful Brand: How Trump Won the Presidency

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Elliot Fuchs

I must admit, being a political science major in the midst of this election cycle was tons of fun. As I am sure anyone else who is pursuing the major would agree, the endless class discussions on the state of the election were far more entertaining than reading a textbook passage about trickle down economic theories for the hundredth time. But as election day drew nearer, we campus conservatives were looking at the prospect of losing a third straight election.... Read more

The Zeroth Commandment

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Aryeh Schonbrun

Tiqun Olam: The World’s Stake in Israel’s Future Over the course of Jewish nationhood, the powers that be have tried time and again to distance the Jewish people from their rightful inheritance. Through the great tides of history and the mightiest of empires, we survived and continue to gaze in earnest anticipation toward the holy city and the site of the holy of holies. The remarkable tenacity with which we hold onto the idea of the ‘return to Zion’ distinguishes... Read more

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