The Emotional Toll of Global Chaos or Why Modern Psychology is a Fraud

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Aryeh Schonbrun

Before I begin with an analysis of the faults that I have found with the assumptions of modern-day psychology, I would like to briefly explain my title. For starters, I hold psychologists in deep regard for their selfless drive to better the lives of their compatriots. It takes unquestionable strength of character and lots of courage to pursue an occupation that daily pits the practitioner against the trials and turbulence of the human condition. Effective therapists know from the start... Read more

The Case for Free Trade

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Adam Bandler and the Board of the College Republicans

It is inherent in human nature to look back at the past and long for the ‘good old days’. While we progress as a world community, many claim that our quality of life is declining. Others claim that the world is becoming increasingly unfair- that the rich keep getting richer while the ones at the bottom are not gaining any ground on the economic ladder.  However, both of these assertions could not be further from the truth; the citizenry of... Read more

Make Orthodoxy Great Again

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Ben Atwood

“LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!” “BUILD A WALL!  BUILD A WALL!”” “T-R-U-M-P, ALL THE WAY TO VICTORY!” It was early Wednesday morning on November ninth, and the American people had elected Donald Trump into office. Cheers, singing, simkhah (joyous) dancing could be seen and heard in the streets and hallways of Yeshiva University’s Wilf campus by students who had either waited out the night or were stirred awake in their rooms by the festivities. The atmosphere was joyous and... Read more

In Defense of Discourse

Published: December-14-2016       Author: Elijah Diamond

I suppose it’d be odd to begin a defense of College Republicans inviting Ben Shapiro to campus with the fact that I don’t personally subscribe to his brand of politics. As a conservative member of YU College Republicans, I operate in much of the same philosophical space as Mr. Shapiro and yet I often disagree with the content of his conservatism and the way he goes about promoting it. I have a particular distaste for how Shapiro ridicules ideological opponents... Read more

Letter to the Editor

Published: December-12-2016       Author: Richard Joel

To the Editor: I would like to echo the concerns shared by members of the faculty in today’s letter regarding the December 5 student-sponsored talk. A university should and must offer diverse viewpoints and opinions, but let there be no mistake – this university is committed to civility and the sanctity of all people. This applies to our admissions and employment process, as well as our daily interactions in and outside of the classroom. Sadly, the current political climate is... Read more

Letter to the Editor

Published: December-12-2016       Author: Shalom Carmy

To the Editor: I cannot respond to the entire tape of Ben Shapiro’s presentation and I generally avoid signing collective declarations written by others. Yet it would be shameful and mortifying to me and to what I believe in if the absence of my name from the faculty letter of protest were interpreted as condoning the substance of his remarks. “There is death and life in the power of the tongue” (Mishle 18:21). To make cheap irresponsible insult comedy out... Read more

Letter to the Editor

Published: December-12-2016       Author: Undersigned Faculty

To the Editor: We the undersigned are extremely disturbed that on the night of Monday December 5, during a talk hosted by a Yeshiva University student group, Ben Shapiro mocked transgender people– and drew applause and laughter from a packed audience in Lamport Auditorium. Shapiro is not an expert on transgender experience or mental health, and his opinion does not reflect the current understanding of these very serious issues, in which people’s lives are literally at stake. Public humiliation of... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Varying Perspectives — Yes, Thank You

Published: December-05-2016       Author: Avraham Wein

Dear Editor, After reading Akiva Schick’s recent opinion piece “The Need for Varying Perspectives,” I felt both impressed by his argument and compelled by his logic. While the issue of coeducation in an Orthodox Jewish setting is justifiably and appropriately complex on a variety of fronts, I felt that Schick’s piece was a sensible and valuable contribution to this much broader discussion as he adeptly articulated one important and relevant consideration to the topic. I (and Schick) am not commenting... Read more

We Weren’t All in Morg Lounge

Published: December-03-2016       Author: Benjamin Koslowe

I read Neta Chizhik’s recent piece in The Observer about her Election Night experience, and am deeply disturbed. Disturbed, but not surprised. Only a week before the election, at the Morgenstern Hall (“Morg”) Lounge World Series watch party, a similar “Lock her up” chant erupted during a Hillary commercial. Yet even that was not surprising, given the general theme of hooting and hollering that manifests at collegiate male watch parties. I suspected what Neta described would occur, and purposely avoided... Read more

Shortchanging History and Marginalizing Students

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Yossi Hoffman

“In case anybody wonders… whether or not this is racist… it’s not hard to understand what the Confederacy fought for. I know, states rights, very nice. But everybody understands what the symbolism of that flag is… The flag is a statement of racism… and in this context there’s nothing else it can be interpreted as.” – Rabbi Jeremy Wieder “We believe he is mistaken that the Confederate flag can be divorced from the hateful ideology and racism of its past,... Read more

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