Being a Jew at YU

Published: December-27-2016       Author: Lilly Gelman

If you, like me, follow the Yeshiva University Admissions page on Facebook, by now you would have seen the new ads stressing the unique religious experience on campus. YU has seemingly endless kosher food options, a plethora of Judaic studies courses, consistent Shabbat programming, and a schedule built around the Jewish holidays. As students of Yeshiva University, our college experience is not burdened by the stress of midterms during chaggim (Jewish holidays) or the inconvenience of extracurricular activities on Saturdays.... Read more

Why We Publish What We Publish

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Avi Strauss

It would be lying to pretend members of our editorial board don’t hold a wide array of biases and opinions, many times in conflict with one another. But I also am confident that there is one opinion that we all subscribe too—namely, freedom of speech. We may edit, touch up or rework articles submitted to us, but we never compromise the integrity of the opinions presented by our writers. While we reserve the right to refuse to publish a submission,... Read more

On Social Justice, Jewish Law and Contemporary Political Discourse

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Rabbi Ozer Glickman

It should go without saying that one of the most sacred and fundamental functions of a university is to advance knowledge and understanding through the exchange of ideas. The Y in YU thankfully does not stand for Yale, which distinguished itself over the past year as the near polar opposite of what a university is intended to be — at least in the minds of many student activists there and the administrators who coddle them. Watch the video of students... Read more

On Showing Up

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Tzvi Levitin

Eager for a brief respite from the frigid and gloomy but not-yet-cozy atmosphere of early December in New York City, I spent last weekend visiting some friends at Yale University. As I explored the Gothic campus on Friday afternoon, with all its arches and quads and reading rooms brimming with students, I couldn’t help but compare it to Yeshiva University. As students chatted about their professors, perused the seemingly endless stacks of the Yale Library, and wove through courtyards and... Read more

There Are Disgusting Acts and Then There’s What Rosie O’Donnell Did

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Etan Neiman

A question sometimes fun to ponder is what act constitutes the lowest of the low? There are all types of delightful shots one can take at answering it. Maybe it is harming a child? Perhaps ruining someone’s life? Bullying? As the late hours of Monday, November 21st spilled into early Tuesday, Rosie O’Donnell sent a tweet which may have covered all three of these possibilities. She tweeted the following to her nearly one million followers in regards to a ten-year-old... Read more

Letter to the Editor

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer

To the Editor: I am not a follower of Ben Shapiro, but after having carefully reviewed his presention of the transgender issue (here, starting at approximately 19:00) during his recent appearance at YU, I would like to briefly speak to the condemnatory letter from YU faculty. Whether or not one agrees that transgenderism reflects mental illness (such was the position of the American Psychiatric Association until 2013), why is Mr. Shapiro not entitled to express his opinion on the... Read more

Why Donald Trump is the Media’s Biggest Beneficiary

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Joey Chesir

Last month, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shocked people all over the world by defeating Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Despite winning the Republican nomination, Trump was widely seen as an underdog in the election, and many media polls conducted before the election had shown Clinton to be leading. Trump’s campaign was fraught with controversy, including a dispute with the Muslim family of a  deceased American soldier; his stated desire to build a wall, which would be... Read more

The Paradox of Ben Shapiro

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Samuel Gelman (Houston, Texas)

Like many others, I disagreed with a lot of what Ben Shapiro said during his presentation. I thought he simplified complex issues such as transgenderism and Judaism’s approach to social justice, and that not all of his facts were as factual as he thought. But this article is not an attempt to refute what Ben Shapiro said. In fact, for the sake of this article, I am going to assume that everything Mr. Shapiro said was TRUE. What I will... Read more

Why We, As Orthodox Jews, Need to Oppose Racism

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Rabbi Yosef Blau

Articles in The Commentator about the Confederate flag expressed differing opinions on whether or not the flag was a racist symbol. The given was that if it was, then the flag’s display was unacceptable. I totally agree that we should strongly oppose any expression of racism. An article is needed because of the current climate in the Orthodox community: accepting the norms of Western liberalism without showing Halakhic sources is not accepted. Fifty years ago a commitment to human rights... Read more

Heavy Anchors, Artistic Deals, and Looney Tunes

Published: December-18-2016       Author: Elliot Fuchs

In November of 1987, some guy named Donald J. Trump published a book called “The Art of the Deal.” In it, the now President-Elect discusses many different approaches to securing business ventures or as he would probably say it “closing HUGE deals.” One of the tactics Trump describes is a negotiation method where the negotiator intentionally marks up his original asking price. He does this so that when his opposition makes a counteroffer, it is with Trump’s initial high-asking price as the starting point for... Read more

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