Refugee Plea

Published: December-27-2015       Author: Daniel Luxenberg

It is our duty as Jews living in the United States of America to defend the rights of Syrian refugees and to welcome them into our country. As Jews, we try so hard to educate our children about the Holocaust and its tragedies. We frequently talk about the Holocaust as we try to share the message that discrimination is wrong, and preach acceptance of all people. In light of the Syrian refugee crisis and the charged political atmosphere in certain... Read more

Why The Mazer Yeshiva Program Can’t Afford to Be Lakewood

Published: December-27-2015       Author: Netanel Paley

It’s 9:23 am on a typical Monday morning. A student – let’s call him Moshe – in the Mazer Yeshiva Program trudges into the Glueck Beit Midrash (study hall), coffee in his hand and a dire need for coffee in his eyes. He sits down across from his chavruta (study partner), opens his Gemara Sanhedrin (book of Talmud about the judicial system), and begins to learn. 11:57 am. Moshe finishes studying the sources prepared by his Rebbe, closes his Gemara,... Read more

Homogeneity on Campus: What We Can Do to Broaden Our Horizons

Published: December-27-2015       Author: Jordan Miodownik

This university has a problem. There’s been a rash of self-congratulatory articles disputing the stance that YU has a lack of diversity. As an overwhelmingly white, religious Jewish, student body, I think this stance only serves to fetishize minority groups to make it look like we are an open-minded group of people. The goal of diversity on campus should be about inclusion and exchange of ideas that make us all more understanding and give us insight into the human condition,... Read more

Alcohol-Wise: Scared Sober

Published: December-27-2015       Author: Moshe Blockman

We’ve all heard the complaints. Whether on the interweb or amongst your peers, YU’s required alcohol course (Alcohol-Wise) is worthy of a Coke chaser. While many of you might think I’ll be bashing the course, I’m actually more interested in improving it. The truth, is I believe this class is extremely important. I know not everyone shares my sentiments. “YU thinks alcohol is the devil,” some quip, or “This is a joke requirement to replace a legitimate class,” others scoff.... Read more

Will the Real Jews Please Stand Up

Published: November-29-2015       Author: Aaron Kohn

My story begins as a young child studying in a Jewish private school. Here, Jewish foundations were instilled and accepted unquestionably by the students. My rabbis and teachers taught me right and wrong and many other various ‘truths’ which I eagerly adopted. As I got older, I started to develop my own thoughts and became the ‘troubled’ teen who would ask too many questions in class. My rabbi, would often dismiss me mockingly, along with my opinions and my ideas,... Read more

Netflix and the Illusion of Freedom

Published: November-29-2015       Author: Hillel Field

The End of the Tour, a film based on a series of interviews with the late acclaimed author David Foster Wallace by Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky was released this past summer. Wallace made for a particularly fascinating interview subject, especially in light of his unexpected suicide about eight years ago. The movie has sparked a renewed interest in his work, which covers a virtuosic range of styles and content, including short stories, novels, and essays on contemporary issues. One... Read more

The Republican Candidate

Published: November-29-2015       Author: Daniel Luxenberg

As a college student in New York City, I am surrounded by liberal ideologies. I adhere to most of them. However, I do not take part in, and am fundamentally opposed to the movement that bullies those who believe otherwise. The party that prides itself on its ‘open-mindedness’ and ‘respect,’ I feel, has been guilting the more conservative youth, calling for them to ‘change their views,’ or risk being labeled as bigots. What I try to convey to my peers... Read more

Get Rid of Political Debates

Published: November-29-2015       Author: Avraham Eisenberg

The CNBC Republican presidential debate on October 28 sparked some soul-­searching among the campaigns. They felt collectively embarrassed, and sought to prevent another shaming from reoccurring. Whether their woes were a result of their bad policies or the moderators’ biases is a function of your political beliefs. Compare, for instance, NPR’s roundup of pundits’ reactions entitled “5 Headlines: Media Consensus Is That CNBC Was GOP Debate’s ‘Biggest Loser’” with Ezra Klein’s take that “the problem for Republicans is that substantive... Read more

Anti-Israel Pacifism

Published: November-29-2015       Author: Jonathan Livi

I would like to propose a rather unique explanation for the growth of anti-Israel sentiment around the world. Before I do so however, one thing must be established. It has become undeniable that the growth of dislike for Israel is coming predominantly from the left. It is in the University, one of the preeminent left leaning institutions in the world, that anti-Israel rallies are held most often. Of the two major parties in U.S. politics, it is the Democrats, the... Read more

Torah u’ Madda: It’s Time for a Female President of YU

Published: November-29-2015       Author: Yadin Teitz

In May of 1908, seven students of a small school in New York City went on strike. They were fed up with the limited and unsatisfactory nature of the curriculum being offered at their seminary and the lack of study options made available to them. They wanted to enrich their knowledge through a rigorous, multi-disciplinary educational system; they wanted to be forced to think critically about their lives and to be challenged. Said one of the students, “…The school does... Read more

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