YU Adds New Katz School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Judah Stiefel

Innovation meets graduate education as YU’s Katz School of Graduate and Professional Studies kicks off its exciting first semester. The newly opened graduate school takes a refreshing, practical approach to education, using careful market analytics before creating a degree. The Katz School currently offers three graduate degrees: an MS in Quantitative Economics, an MS in Speech Language Pathology, and degrees in marketing and accounting offered through YU’s AACSB-accredited Sy Syms School of Business. Three more degrees are expected to be... Read more

And Then There Was Swag

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Judah Stiefel

Student Life gave undergraduates complimentary swag as they returned from a long holiday break. As Assistant Director of Student Life Linda Stone put it, “The Student Life professionals looked forward to welcoming students back with an upbeat, inspiring event to enhance the YU school spirit and pride in our campus community.” There’s no doubt that it was successful as the throng of students that waited to receive their swag wrapped around the entire Heights Lounge. As of press time, 1,400... Read more

24 Hours of Creativity and Fun at Invent:YU

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Sam Gelman

On Saturday night, October 29th, the YU Hackers hosted Invent:YU, Yeshiva University’s 3rd 24-hour hackathon. The event, hosted in Heights Lounge and Nagel Atrium, was organized by over 30 volunteers and was attended by over 200 people. Free meals and snacks were also provided to all that attended. For those that don’t know, a hackathon is basically an invention marathon. For 24 hours students shuffle in and out of the lounge, sharing and building websites, applications, robots, and more. The... Read more

Israel Kumzitz at Times Square – United in Song and Dance

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Leiby Deutsch

Everyone knows the constant start and stop the of the New York City subways. Everyone is familiar with the hustle, bustle, pomp and circumstance that mark Times Square. That is a typical night in the city that never sleeps.   Only this was not a typical night. There was something unique about Sunday night, September 25. Walking the streets of Times Square, one encountered the usual tidal wave expected from the capital of the world. However, those that kept walking... Read more

MTA Celebrates 100 Years with Alumni; More to Come

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Yosef Sklar

The Yeshiva University High School For Boys (MTA) is celebrating its centennial anniversary by organizing a lineup of alumni events to take place over the course of the year both on and off the Wilf campus. The school kicked off the year by inviting all alumni to a special Kollel Yom Rishon, a sunday morning learning session, featuring Rav Moshe Tzvi Weinberg and Rabbi Dr. J.J Schachter on the topic of “Introspection and Repentance”. Another learning program – a larger... Read more

RAFT Hosts Discussion with Aaron Koller on Biblical Creation in the Modern World

Published: September-29-2016       Author: Yakov Stone

In its opening event of the year, RAFT hosted a discussion with Professor Aaron Koller about approaches to resolving the apparent contradictions between modern science and the creation narrative in the first three chapters of Genesis. Over forty students attended the event, held in Rubin Shul, during which Professor Koller presented medieval Jewish thinkers who argued that the creation story ought to be read non-literally as well as the lessons that this kind of reading teaches. RAFT (Religious Approaches to... Read more

City Officials Join YU for 185th Street Plaza Groundbreaking Ceremony

Published: September-29-2016       Author: Doron Levine

Construction on YU’s $3.6 million pedestrian plaza on 185th street has been progressing since the summer, but it symbolically began yesterday. Over the past few months, the pavement of the 20,000-foot space has been broken in various places by orange-vested construction workers powering jackhammers and hydraulic excavators, but yesterday it was broken by formally-dressed YU administrators and NYC officials using decorative golden shovels. The ceremony began in Nagel Lounge. The infamous Nagel Lounge wall was folded away for the festivities, and... Read more

Presidential Search: Mixed Reactions from YU Community as Rabbi Berman is Nominated to be the School’s Next President

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Doron Levine

As our country is seething with excitement about its upcoming presidential election, our university is similarly anticipating a change in leadership at its highest level. As reported previously by The Commentator, Chairman of the Board and selection committee member Moshael Straus announced via email on September 13 that the selection committee has voted to advance the candidacy of Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman and “it is anticipated his nomination will be forwarded to the full Board of Trustees” for a confirmation... Read more

Students Assist in Baton Rouge Flood Cleanup on YU Service Learning Mission

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Zev Behar

The first thing we noticed stepping out of the car was the smell. It washed over us like a cold shower, causing us to shiver and wretch in the street. Piles of garbage sat in front of every house, a lifetime of possessions, tossed to the wayside like an old piece of furniture you want to get rid of on YU Marketplace. Albums, clothing, furniture; nothing could be saved. One student on the trip said what we were all thinking:... Read more

Golan, Yeshiva University Make Amends in New Omni Dollars Agreement

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Noam Beltran

Golan Heights Israeli Grill resumed its acceptance of Caf Card Omni Dollars this semester after its agreement with YU was suspended last February due to a conflict over Omni Dollars policy. Golan and YU have turned the clocks back to reestablish their relationship as it appeared before these events, albeit with some slight differences. With the new arrangement between the restaurant and YU, students are now able to purchase food at Golan Heights using their Omni Dollars, the Caf Card... Read more

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