From Fantastic to The Fantasticks

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Chaviva Freedman

From the time I was a senior in high school, I envisioned myself working in the world of theater. Although I didn’t know the steps I needed to take in order to achieve this dream, I knew that at some point in my life I was going to get lucky and land an awesome job to truly experience what it’s like to be working behind the scenes of a show. Even with my experience in the drama societies here at... Read more

Alone Among the Masses

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Gavriel Guttman

It was a cold night. The wind was audible as it gushed against the large, dusty window panes on the sixth floor of Heisenman Tower. The building’s rusty joints creaked, and one could almost feel its frame sway at the beckon of nature. Sam Jacobson sat hunched over the small wooden desk, sitting on the university standard-issue small wooden chair, eyes squinting in the dim light emitting from his laptop screen. He leaned backward, pressing his upper back into the... Read more

Book Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Amanda Kornblum

The cover of the novel Wonder features a boy’s face. His face has just one eye that has “wonder” written above it, long bangs, and large ears. This face is prominent on a baby blue background with a few splotches of a different shade of blue. The cover represents August Pullman, the protagonist ten-year-old boy suffering from a severe case of Treacher Collins syndrome (a genetically acquired facial disfiguration). Just as one shouldn’t judge the value of the book based... Read more

The Real Contributions of Olympic Athletes

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Joey Chesir

In August, the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, allowed spectators the chance to witness remarkable athletic achievements in a wide variety of competitions. These contests included many sports that are less familiar to the public audience than the major sports leagues, such as the National Basketball Association or National Football League in America. During this year’s Olympiad, a number of notable athletes, such as track and field legend Usain Bolt and swimming icon Michael Phelps, put on incredible... Read more

Book Review: Abram to Abraham: A Literary Analysis of the Abraham Narrative

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Dr. Stu Halpern

Dr. Jonathan (Yoni) Grossman, a member of the Bible faculty of Bar Ilan, and son of Dr. Avraham Grossman, Professor Emeritus of Jewish History at the Hebrew University, is a long-time favorite of many students interested in literary analysis of the Bible. Dr. Grossman, a frequent contributor to Yeshivat Har Etzion’s Virtual Beit Midrash, has long been known for his careful readings of Biblical text, and his keen structural and syntactical awareness, many examples of which can be found in the... Read more

It is Time to End the Secrecy: My Mental Health

Published: May-10-2016       Author: Etan Neiman

It’s time for the truth. It’s time to stop hiding. This is my story. Everybody knows someone Bang, bang, bang. The knocking is getting angrier and quickly. I am ten years old, lying in bed at night, home alone, and scared to death. Plan A of ignoring the pounding at my front door is not progressing well; time for Plan B. I stagger to the door and inquire as to who might be on the other side. Shooting back immediately,... Read more

The Religious Necessity to Watch An Exodus Movie

Published: May-10-2016       Author: Yaacov Bronstein

Certain representations of the Exodus story in popular media have become, for many, indispensably associated with the seasonal Passover experience. For these adherers, the notion of forgoing an annual screening of Prince of Egypt or the Rugrats Passover episode would constitute an unthinkable abrogation of personal tradition. Alongside the inherited family Seder plate, sentimental melodies, and immutable holiday destinations, the Exodus movie has obtained its place on the mantelpiece of household custom, to be reverently disturbed once a year along... Read more

Hall Haunting: A Student’s Reflections

Published: May-10-2016       Author: Yitzchak Fried

There is a curious way in which, despite being surrounded by the same people every day, one fails to see them. My fellow students are so many heads, smiling and waving and passing without a word. This one I recognize: we were in an economics class together. He seemed friendly. He smiles at me for a moment, and then his eyes pass vaguely from my face to the corridor over my shoulder. I remember, I think, that he is studying... Read more

What You Don’t Know About the Homeless

Published: May-10-2016       Author: Kochava London

Living in New York, it is almost impossible to walk down the street without passing by a homeless person. This isn’t surprising, since one in every 147 New Yorkers is currently homeless. In a given year in the United States, over 3.5 million people are likely to experience homelessness. Despite the prevalence, there are many misconceptions about the causes of homelessness, as well as a general lack of knowledge about this widespread societal issue. One of the most common misconceptions... Read more

From the President’s Desk: A Year in Reflection

Published: May-10-2016       Author: Josh Teller

Crazy how fast time goes by. It feels like only yesterday I was running around campus trying to hustle my way to as many votes possible to win the position of Syms President. Now a year later, looking at the current candidates running for the position for the next academic year, it is nice to reflect on the extremely busy, yet rewarding year I had being Syms Student Council President. When I was elected, I was extremely eager and delighted... Read more

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