Go on, Try to Buy Something

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Yosef Friedlander

Every student of Yeshiva University knows about the infamous YU Marketplace. A Facebook group composed of over 4,000 members from the YU community, YU Marketplace was designed for students of YU to have a simple and efficient way to sell and buy objects. Well, at least it may have started off that way. Now it appears to have blossomed into something much more, not only having posts pertaining to useful transactions, but expanding out to cover information on the YU... Read more

Soon By You: Too Soon to Tell?

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Shoshy Ciment

“Soon by you” is the unique kind of phrase that can inspire panic in most Jewish Orthodox young adults. It is a piercing reminder shielded in good intentions that sets the unmarried twenty-year-old into dating overdrive, desperate to find his or her “Bashert”. But now, perhaps that connotation has changed. A hit YouTube series with over 175,000 views, Soon By You provides a comical take on the the Jewish dating scene, specifically in the Upper West side community, nailing this... Read more

Thoughts on a First Time on Campus

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Lilly Gelman

I’m not going to sugar coat it, this semester has been rough. Like many other students in YU, this is my first time on campus, and the adjustment has been quite a bit more challenging than I anticipated. On top of trying to force myself back into school-mode after a year long hiatus in Israel, I have also been desperately trying to learn the names of the buildings, the cafs, the dorms, and the campuses. The problem is that everything... Read more

Swiss Army Man and the State of Modern Entertainment

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Hillel Field

Since its initial screenings at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, audiences and critics have come to a rare consensus about the film Swiss Army Man: it’s impossible to categorize. Apparently, this predicament was troubling enough to make the movie notorious for the noticeable amount of people that walked out during its initial screenings. At first glance this behavior seems strange, given that by now, the film has received generally favorable reviews, and gained somewhat of a cult status. To empathize... Read more

Stories for Adults Too

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Benjamin Koslowe

Some comics are memorable for their artwork. Others are known for their witty jokes, relatable characters, adventurous stories, or deep messages. The brilliance of Calvin and Hobbes is that it not only possesses all of these elements and more, but it also manages excellence in all of these facets. The artwork is stunning, especially in the Sunday strips. The drawings and progression of plot is so good that the characters seem to move. The characters touch deep emotions, the jokes... Read more

Zmanim for YU App

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Ilan Atri

We live in a world of technology. Nowadays, everything can be done on your smartphone with the tip of your finger. YU has taken part in this progressive world by bringing many new apps to your App Store or Google Play Store. You can now sign up for the inter-campus shuttle on the YU Mobile app, check YU sports scores on that app, and even check your Caf-Card balance on a third party app. But the latest app brought to... Read more

From the President’s Desk: YCSA — On Politics and Partnership

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Tzvi Levitin

Between hours spent on buses to the Bronx and what felt like eons glued to a microscope counting zebrafish vertebrae, I spent an inordinate amount of time this summer listening to the soundtrack of Broadway’s hit musical Hamilton. Written by and, until recently, starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, the musical tells the story of the titular founding father struggling to rise above his station and earn his own spot in the history books alongside our fledgling nation. The American Revolution presented a... Read more

A Cursed Crack at Canonicity, or Good Enough?

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Benjamin Koslowe

Any consumer of fiction appreciates the convention of canonicity. The “official” works of a storyline. A “fictional universe.”  The “real stuff” as opposed to “fan fiction.” While it is difficult to determine an objective standard for canonicity, the most basic element is usually assumed to be a consistent author (or producer/director for a movie). Consider the creator of Sherlock Holmes, the most popularly depicted character of all time. There is a common world established by Arthur Conan Doyle in his... Read more

What Was Once a Dream: A Conversation with the Author

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Hillel Field

This past winter, my friend Jonathan Sidlow asked me to edit the rough copy of his now published book: What Was Once A Dream, which documents his service as a Lone Soldier in the IDF as a Paratrooper. Sidlow delivers the brutally honest truth with a combination of sarcastic wit and introspective detail that culminates in the crushing intensity of his depiction of the 2014 war in Gaza. We recently sat down to catch up since his book’s release last... Read more

Why I’m Not Obsessed with Hamilton

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Shoshy Ciment

It’s the hottest ticket on Broadway. It snagged a record-breaking 16 Tony Award nominations and produced the highest selling cast album since 2011. It’s a show so huge, it promises to entertain only full house theaters for at least the next three years. Some call it revolutionary (pun intended), and some, like me, call it hype. Welcome to the era of Hamilton: An American Musical. If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the new musical sensation... Read more

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