This One Line, A Short Story

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Akiva Schick

Jonathan Kohl had a perfect beginning to his story. Actually he had six. Six beginnings, but only one story. At the moment, it begins like this: “I used to think of myself as a pacifist. Then my next door neighbors installed floodlights outside my bedroom window.” I think we can agree that, as an opening, this sentence has quite a lot to offer. It neatly establishes the central conflict in the story, while retaining a playful tone. Now, Jonathan would... Read more

How Interstellar Reaches Beyond and Arrival Falls Short

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Benjamin Koslowe

As I sit on my couch this late Thanksgiving night, I find myself scratching my head. Having an open mind, and, equally essential, a few rare open hours, I decided I would treat myself tonight to some new holiday dessert. But I speak not of my aunt’s apple pie; no, the latter was both quite familiar to me and was quite swiftly gobbled down by me at an estimated rate of three tartlets per jiffy (an impressive feat of mastication... Read more

Finally! A Movie About Wonder Woman!

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Shoshy Ciment

Science fiction is a genre that celebrates the strange. We constantly raise our glasses to the dorks, cyborgs and mutants while secretly wishing we could be a part of their extraordinary world. For some reason, we never tire of seeing the underdog become the hero they never thought they could be, regardless of the countless remakes of these very stories that dilute each concept’s originality. Science fiction captivates us because we delight in seeing our world reimagined into something different,... Read more

Be Like Ms. Honey

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Lilly Gelman

As midterms drew nearer, and the stress of studying for exams ensued, I found myself longing for elementary school days, when my greatest concern was who would be “it” during tag at recess, or whether or not I forgot my lunch-box on the kitchen counter. Having recently seen Matilda the Musical, a Broadway adaptation of the best-selling children’s novel by Roald Dahl, I found these same nostalgic feelings towards childhood and the naivety that comes with them expressed throughout the... Read more

YU Roller Hockey Team Finds Another Gear in Division 2

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Joseph Robin

Every promotion in life brings with it greater challenges. Your responsibilities multiply and you need to maintain a heightened focus in order to succeed at your new task. After all, the easy part is getting a promotion. The hard part is proving you deserve it. For Yeshiva University’s roller hockey team, an exciting move from Division 4 to Division 2 of the Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (ECRHA) meant tougher opponents, a taxing schedule, and more grueling practices. In the... Read more

My Love For Theater Is… Weird

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Chaviva Freedman

I’m sitting here in my dorm room, attempting to write a paper that is due in the next few days, and my mind is shifting to other places. I look at my calendar and I see that my schedule is filled with school and… meetings. I always seem to be in a meeting for the play that the Yeshiva College Dramatics Society will be performing in the spring semester. It’s like my life is constantly filled with theater, and yet... Read more

An Interview with Judah Diament

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Dovid Simpser

After graduating Yeshiva University in 1996, Professor Judah Diament simultaneously attended graduate school at NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Science and learned in the semikha program at RIETS. He then went to work at Hitachi Data Systems followed by Bell Atlantic for a year. Diament then spent thirteen years at IBM Research, eventually finding his way to Goldman Sachs. Finally, this past summer Diament became the co-chair of the Computer Science department with Dr. Kelly and the Program Director of... Read more

Tales of a Cubs Fan

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Etan Neiman

Sorry Theo Epstein. Sorry Joe Maddon. Sorry (World Series MVP) Ben Zobrist. This is way bigger than you, the team or any of its members. This is about the city of Chicago. This is about the fans who waited a lifetime for the win they were sure would never come. This is about the fans who waited a lifetime only to watch Wednesday night’s spectacle from Heaven. Just ask Cubs fan Wayne Williams, who drove from North Carolina to Indiana... Read more

The Disappearing Invisible Hand or The Shortcomings of Free-Market Capitalism

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Aryeh Schonbrun

I approach this topic in fear and with trepidation. I am fearful of provoking those with whom I disagree and of the chance that I may unconsciously transmit misconceptions and faulty presumptions that may lead some astray. I fear my ignorance and naïveté, my idealism and my stubbornness, but I also feel it necessary to communicate to you my thoughts regarding the state of the world, specifically as it relates to economics. I hold no academic positions, have no degrees... Read more

The Octopus, A Short Story

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Gavriel Guttman

Isaac Sussman leans his elbow on the cheap white tablecloth, silver fork fixed perpendicularly in front of his face. Mouth is shut tight. Nostrils contract and a salty pearl of sweat rolls slowly down his long face. Darkness is peering from the corners of the room as light like magic seeps through paper lanterns.“Do it Isaac.” Voices whispering all around and the honey of persuasion dripping like water.The thing is swaying in the windless air. A suction cup, pierced by... Read more

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