The Bottom Line in Health: Eat to Cheat

Published: October-21-2013       Author: 

Fall is upon us, and many of us have dived head-first into a diet-program to shed some pounds and get fit for the new school year. By obtaining a reasonable amount of calories from healthy foods, and incorporating a moderate level of exercise into a routine, we can significantly improve our physical appearance, and feel comfortable in the new sweater and pair of slacks we just purchased. However, staying committed to a diet program, which is equally as important to... Read more

Acting Dean: An Interview with Rabbi Penner

Published: October-21-2013       Author: 

Arieh Levi: Tell me a bit about yourself. Where are you from? Rabbi Penner: I’m originally from Fair Lawn, NJ. A Rabbi Yudin congregant, admirer, and student. I did my semikha here. I’ve been a Rabbi in Queens for 18 years now. I’ve been back in YU for 12. AL: What was your role at YU before Acting Dean? RP: I worked with the CJF, with Semikha students. I also was Assistant Dean to R’ Reiss for a few years.... Read more

Bringing Torah Study into the Twenty-First Century

Published: October-21-2013       Author: 

As traditional Jews, we believe that the ancient Israelites received two sets of laws at the foot of Mount Sinai: a written Torah and an oral one. Why do we place such heavy emphasis upon the latter of these two traditions? One reason is because the contents of the oral tradition are indispensable to Jewish practice. Without the guidelines developed in the Talmud, we wouldn’t know how to observe the Shabbat or perform a proper ritual slaughter. In the simplest... Read more

The Anti-Social Network?

Published: October-21-2013       Author: 

In 1999, researchers at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University published one of the first studies designed to untangle the web’s social and psychological impact. Their longitudinal study found that the internet enveloped a person in feelings of friendship and connection but, at the same time, increased depression and loneliness. They called their ground-breaking findings the “internet paradox.” Millennials are perhaps the first generation in human history to prefer—and indulge—in written over spoken communication. Whereas we once preferred... Read more

Creepy or Helpful? Google Now and the Future of the Predictive Search

Published: October-21-2013       Author: 

As if Google doesn’t already know enough about us. Google is currently unveiling a new technology that promises to spoon-feed us answers before we even ask the questions. It will wake us up early for that morning meeting because it knows about delays on the train. It will tell us to bring an umbrella for afternoon rains. When we run by the supermarket after work, it will pull up the shopping list. Before I forget, it will remind me to... Read more

[ystud/sstud] Which club is right for you? (PIZZA MAY BE SERVED)

Published: October-21-2013       Author: 

  Welcome back to school. You know the drill. College is a short few years, and the countdown to real life is slowly ticking away. Here are a few ways to appreciate the unique opportunity that you have of being here–before it’s too late.   The Commentator/ The Observer  These are the two preeminent publications for undergraduate students. They both require a heavy time commitment for their writers, editors, and support staff, as the papers go to print more frequently... Read more


Published: September-16-2013       Author: 

In Da Heights: Your Guide to the Basics

Published: August-30-2013       Author: 

Dry Cleaners: First of all, use the dry cleaners, especially before a shabbaton Downtown. Second, you might be tempted to take your dry cleaning to Toffy’s Cleaning because it is conveniently placed right next to Golan and Grandma’s. But service is poor, the cleaning is mediocre, and the wait time is often two days. The Commentator recommends JM Cleaners on St. Nicholas between 186th and 187th for next day service and excellent dry cleaning. Pizza: There’s a reason Grandma’s Pizza... Read more

The Belfer Wind Tunnel, Explained

Published: August-30-2013       Author: 

Between Rubin and Belfer, newly-arrived students have already been greeted by freakishly strong gusts of wind. Even veteran faculty members may wonder why the fury of nature is directed along 184th street, and why our campus was built directly in harm’s way. Has our staunch monotheism offended Aeolus, the Greek god of wind and vowels? During Hurricane Sandy, students frolicked in the “Belfer wind tunnel,” hoisting themselves up and hanging vertically, or – unfortunately – having one’s glasses blown across... Read more

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