There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

Published: December-24-2013       Author: 

On Friday, The Forward ran their latest (over) coverage of Yeshiva University with this headline: “Yeshiva University’s Fiscal Crisis Deepens with No End in Sight.” From the outside, it does, in fact, appear that YU is in a nosedive, plummeting ever farther in credit ratings, debt, and stability. On December 6, S&P downgraded YU from an A+ to an A, citing “prolonged operating deficits, which are still negative on a cash basis and are taking longer than we anticipated to... Read more

An Open Letter to President Richard M. Joel

Published: November-25-2013       Author: 

Dear President Joel, Our university now finds itself at a financial tipping point. As students—and soon-to-be alumni—who care deeply about the academic and financial health of Yeshiva University, we are deeply concerned about the recently announced budget cuts. In your recent letter to alumni and staff members announcing the cuts, you noted, “This last decade has seen the transformation of our academic enterprise, Torah learning environment, student and career services, athletics, infrastructure, and more.” While we recognize the need for... Read more

Will President Joel’s Empire Crumble?

Published: November-25-2013       Author: 

At his investiture, President Joel said that the “gems” of Yeshiva University, Yeshiva and Stern Colleges, “must be polished to shine.” He spoke of greater commitment to faculty and research funding to “ensure that they are excellent.” He promised that his “dreams and visions” would be accompanied by “choices and commitments.” And commit he did.  Yeshiva University has grown exponentially under the last decade of leadership of President Joel. Since 2003, President Joel has hired 102 new faculty members and... Read more

United States of Judaism: the Pew and the Future of Modern Orthodoxy

Published: October-21-2013       Author: 

The recently released 2013 Pew Report on Judaism in the United States spawned a small cottage industry of op-eds, articles, interviews, and full-page spreads. Everyone and his uncle, it seems, prophesied doom, questioned the study, or ignored most of the report and offered an optimistic reading. Opinions could be found across Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief: Denial (“It’s flawed!”), anger (“Liberal Judaism is dead!”), bargaining (“only parts of the study are valid”), depression (“We’re all going to assimilate”), and, finally,... Read more

Letter to the Editor: The Core Curriculum

Published: October-21-2013       Author: 

Dear Editor, Ben Kohane’s article “The New Core Curriculum: Ready for Year Two” discusses the Core Curriculum, now entering its second year in Yeshiva. I do not wish to argue with any facts presented in the article, simply an attitude, which although not explicitly given voice, is pervasive throughout, and reflects a broader problem I see at Yeshiva College. I am referring to an attitude of constantly comparing the Core Curriculum with the previous requirements system; A constant debate of... Read more

Letter to the Editor: In The Heights

Published: October-21-2013       Author: 

“In The Heights: Your Guide to the Basics” is a great idea. You might want to add: Post Office–there is one in the basement of Belfer  Pharmacy–a young couple who came from Russia as children just opened DRUG WOR/X at 4197 Broadway, 2 doors below 178th St.–shomer Shabbat–a discount for YU students Liquor store–Heights Wines & Spirits–an entire wall of kosher wines offers an amazing selection–4474 Broadway, above 188th–if you want to send wine to your host/ess, he delivers:  646.726.4102;... Read more

Searching for Lessons at Yeshiva University

Published: August-30-2013       Author: 

Last year we were searching for answers amid exposé and scandal, sealed lips and regrets. We had just learned of long-term sexual abuse that had festered for decades at Yeshiva University’s High School for boys. We wanted to know who had allowed this to ensue, how many victims had been involved, and when the abuse occurred. We simply wanted to know what had happened. Eight months, a 53-page investigation, a 148-page lawsuit, apologies, and hundreds of articles later, we now... Read more

At The Crossroads

Published: May-09-2013       Author: 

When I recently heard that Rabbi Dr. Aaron Segal would be hired as the new professor in the Yeshiva College philosophy department, I couldn’t help but think about—nay, gorge myself on—the fantasy-world the hire promised for the future of YU: a YC graduate making for homegrown academic faculty; a philosophy professor whose doctorate from University of Notre Dame would wow people almost as much as his Talmudic prowess acquired over years of study at YU and Yeshivat Har Etzion; a... Read more

A Vote for Change

Published: April-18-2013       Author: 

As the end of the academic year quickly approaches, so does this time of year’s special onslaught of cookies and shoddily-made campaign posters: Election Season. And no, I do not refer to New York City’s upcoming fall mayoral election, though it is probably something we should all be aware of as students in this great city. I am talking about Yeshiva University student government elections, to take place this coming Thursday, April 25. You may or may not have seen... Read more

Hiding Our Happiness

Published: February-14-2013       Author: 

It’s that time of year again. Yeshiva University students mill about humming happy tunes, perhaps dancing a bit to themselves, smiling a bit wider than usual. Adar brings a time of ribuy simha, increased happiness, that climaxes with Purim, when Orthodox communities across the globe will dress in costume, drink too much alcohol, and dance like they haven’t danced since last year’s hagiga. And it’s a lot of fun while it lasts. But it also raises a larger question about... Read more

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