Admissions And The Value of Expectations

Published: February-08-2016       Author: Yechiel Schwab

Expectations often influence our lives’ path and direction. Expectations from future jobs or graduate school can affect our choice of major, summer plans, and extra-curricular activities. Many students pursue fields of study or internships which conform to these job market requirements. While for some these plans coincide with their passions and interests and lead to fruitful opportunities, others pursue areas outside of their passions in order to better prepare themselves to fit into the workforce. This can lead to the... Read more

Financial Efficiency within Presidential and Administrative Salaries

Published: December-28-2015       Author: Yechiel Schwab

Earlier this month, The Chronicle of Higher Education released its annual survey of university presidents’ salaries. The survey revealed that Yeshiva University’s President Richard Joel amassed $2.6 million in 2013, despite the fact that the university was struggling financially and continues to grapple with ongoing budget troubles and financial cuts. This salary places Joel as the 4th highest paid university president in the nation out of 497 universities surveyed. News organizations from The New York Times to The Forward and... Read more

Thriving in the Face of Adversity: A Lesson from the YU Student Body

Published: December-28-2015       Author: Raymond Cohen

There is no doubt that Yeshiva has struggled from a public relations perspective over the last couple of years. Headlines from 2014 proclaiming Yeshiva’s $150 million annual deficit and half a billion dollar endowment contraction, combined with Moody’s downgrade of the University’s credit rating to junk status have marred the school’s reputation as a leading academic institution and have at times called the school’s survival into question. This past year’s faculty votes of no confidence and student petitions have bolstered... Read more

Consistency is All I Ask

Published: November-30-2015       Author: Doron Levine

The Syrian refugee crisis has divided American politics but united American Jewry. With state politicians taking strong stands on both sides, the polarizing question of whether to open our doors to Syrian refugees has created yet another wonderful opportunity for color-coded US maps (mellow yellow = welcoming refugees, orange = NOT welcoming refugees, noncommittal gray = not committing). But a similar map of American Jewry would look relatively monochromatic – for us, the notion of turning our backs to the... Read more

Repairing The Rabbinic Relationship

Published: November-09-2015       Author: David Rubinstein

There is a crisis of rabbinic leadership in our community. Saying so is no longer sensationalism. We can probably all think of at least one man who holds the title of rabbi, but whose guidance, whether halachic or spiritual, lacks the expertise we would expect from someone who has been ordained. Even among rabbis whose scholarship is up to standard, some lack the skills and experience to share their insight with constituents. Most tragically, we recall too well the images... Read more

YU as a Financial Role Model?

Published: October-20-2015       Author: Dani Weiss

On an average afternoon between classes, students mill about campus, enjoying the last days of crisp autumn air before the forces of cold weather and the pressures of school necessitate indoor activities. The colors of changing leaves and the sun dipping behind the horizon of Amsterdam Avenue frame a scene of students in casual conversation, combining to form a picture of serene normalcy. An otherwise uninformed student might notice that class sizes are somewhat larger than expected, might notice the... Read more

Our Role in Education

Published: September-07-2015       Author: Yechiel Schwab

In a July 23rd article for the New York Times entitled “The Fundamental Way Universities are an Illusion,” Kevin Carey discusses the manufactured pride of colleges across America. Analyzing the findings of a new book, “How College Affects Students” by Ernest Pascarella and Patrick Terenzini, Carey notes that among the 848 pages compiling and analyzing decades of data and research about colleges, the authors found little evidence supporting universities’ claims of superior “academic rigor.” Indeed, despite the advertising of admissions... Read more

A Call for Neutrality

Published: September-07-2015       Author: Editorial Board

We recognize and applaud the University’s efforts to facilitate and encourage political activism, specifically with regards to the ongoing Iran Deal. Inviting speakers through the Israel club and YUPAC and arranging transportation to various rallies bespeak dedication and care for these important values. However, these events, and some of the language used to promote them, cater to only one side of this issue, thereby damaging the welcoming political environment of our campus, and marginalizing some students and their views. Though... Read more

Our Attitude is the Enemy — Not the Administration

Published: May-03-2015       Author: Dani Weiss

Insecurities, when harnessed and properly disciplined, can lead to positive change. On a personal level, I can attest to them motivating me to overcome various challenges; insecurities have increased my performance in school by impelled me to study diligently, they’ve improved my health by driving me to make positive, lasting changes, and they’ve helped me maintain a robust spiritual life by stimulating me to question and reaffirm my commitments as an observant Jew. Chronologically speaking, challenges spawn insecurities, which subsequently... Read more

Experience, Excellence, and Examples

Published: March-24-2015       Author: Arieh Levi

The undergraduate experience is as much a function of time as it is one of research, mentorship, and lofty enlightenment. College is quick – four years for most, five for the especially slow or dedicated, and three for the average YU undergrad. Almost as soon as the student arrives at the ivory tower he or she departs for other pursuits: a career, graduate school. As students, then, the picture of YU that we gather is limited. A student entering YU... Read more

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