Analyzing Who is Behind Trump and Hillary

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Avishai (Jacob) Cohen

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably been inundated with story after story about the Clinton Foundation, Trump University, and everything else in between. Was Trump University a scam? Is the Clinton Foundation a sham? Some want to know what Hillary knew and when she knew it. Others wonder what Trump knew and when he knew it. Many just want to know who cares. The records of Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton have been examined... Read more

I Sense You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Binyamin Zirman

As college students, sleep deprivation is something that we’ve almost become totally accustomed to. My late night study habits (we’re talking 2:00am and 3:00am) and coffee addiction are two examples of my personal sleeping difficulties. While YU, its dual curriculum, and its myriad of extracurricular activities are time consuming and at least partially responsible for many students’ sleep deprivation, this is a problem that plagues college students everywhere. According to research by Brown University, 73 percent of students in a... Read more

Understanding Accounting and Finance Job Recruitment

Published: September-12-2016       Author: Etan (Alex) Neiman

Another year, another round of accounting and finance job recruitment has smacked Sy Syms students square in the face before they could walk into their first class. As is tradition, the accounting and finance job search for full-time positions for the following year or internships for the upcoming summer ramps up the moment YU begins. On Thursday night, September 1st, it officially began with the Career Center’s mandatory “Career Fair and Interview Prep Night” kick-off event. However, even before then,... Read more

Executive Column: Gur Roschwalb

Published: May-10-2016       Author: Michael Shavolian

About ‘The Executive Series’ Through ‘The Executive Series’, The Commentator provides its readership with access to the thoughts and experiences of highly accomplished individuals in the business world. The column has a conversational style and expresses the unique story of each business leader, including their motivations, struggles, successes and failures. ‘The Executive Series’ also serves as a forum for a broader conversation about leadership in business and in life. About Dr. Gur Roshwalb (adapted from Bloomberg and CrunchBase): Dr. Roshwalb... Read more

Hold that plane!! It’s About Time to Start Getting a Fair Flight!

Published: May-10-2016       Author: Benjamin Zirman

Summer vacation is coming and for all the YU students who will be flying somewhere, I want to tell you a little secret: The Israeli startup FairFly is about to change the game of booking flights! There is currently a huge problem within the tourism industry of soaring prices for a plane ticket. A second problem is the wide range of prices that exist for the same tier of seats on a flight. Just from striking up a conversation with... Read more

Re-evaluating Real Estate: The Million Dollar Misconception

Published: May-10-2016       Author: Evan Axelrod

All business students have aspirations for their business lives. While some may want to own their own companies, most will be able to become part owners in companies through mediums such as the stock market. Similarly, for commercial real estate, anybody with a few hundred dollars of savings can become an investor. How, one may ask? Through a concept known as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), which allow an interested investor to share in the profits of commercial real estate... Read more

Syms Students Stripped of Accounting Credits Needed For C.P.A.

Published: May-10-2016       Author: Etan (Alex) Neiman

On April 15, many Sy Syms students and alumni opened their email accounts to a jolt of shock. Dean Moses Pava informed those who took certain accounting electives needed to fulfill the C.P.A. educational requirements that those courses had failed to meet the standards of New York’s branch of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). Specifically, NASBA ruled that “Decision Models”, ACC 2160 (taught by Sriram Subramanian in the fall of 2015) and “Mergers: History & Practice”,... Read more

The Inside Scoop on YU’s Own Professor Robert Tufts

Published: April-18-2016       Author: Gary Feder

I recently had the opportunity to interview former Major League Baseball pitcher turned Sy Syms Management Professor Robert Tufts, who offers a truly unique and inspiring life story. After graduating college with a B.A. in Economics from Princeton University, Tufts was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the 12th round of the 1977 MLB Draft. He went on to play in the MLB from 1980 to 1982, first for the Giants and then the Kansas City Royals. After his... Read more

YU Alumnus Running for Congress

Published: April-18-2016       Author: Adam Kramer

As a Yeshiva University alumnus running for Congress in New York’s 10th District, Oliver Rosenberg already has a unique story to tell. And, when coupled with the rest of his background, namely his participation in a panel in 2009 on gay people in Orthodox Judaism, his employment as an investment banker at JP Morgan specializing in renewable energy, founding a Jewish congregation for LGBTQ people and his experience starting multiple companies, he’s truly a fascinating candidate and person. Its this... Read more

Economics, Politics, and the Primary Elections

Published: April-18-2016       Author: Zach Porgess

Forecasting election results based on historical voter turnout has demonstrated little success this election season. Mainstream media has not helped, and its integrity continues to decline because of increasingly obvious political biases. So where does one turn to for clarity? The YU Commentator, of course. This article examines what’s really driving the shocking primary results we’ve witnessed thus far, and what the candidates’ positioning on economic policy portends for the general election. As the primaries continue to unfold, it’s become... Read more

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