2016-2017 Staff

Editor in Chief: Doron Levine

Managing Editor: Tzvi Levitin

Senior News Editor: David Rubinstein

Junior News Editor: Eitan Lipsky

Junior News Editor: Shoshy Ciment

Senior Opinions Editor: Avi Strauss

Junior Opinions Editor: Yitzchak Fried

Junior Opinions Editor: Sam Gelman

Senior Features Editor: Hillel Field

Junior Features Editor: Benjamin Koslowe

Senior Business Editor: Adam Kramer

Junior Business Editor: Evan Axelrod

Senior Layout Editor: Shira Feen

Senior Business Manager: Yoni Fleischmann

Junior Business Manager: Jack Ganchrow

Senior Programmer: Michael Peres

Junior Programmer: Justin Safier

The Commentator is the student newspaper of Yeshiva University. It is an independent student publication, self-funded and published throughout the academic year. Views expressed in The Commentator are those of its writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial board or the student body, faculty and administration of Yeshiva University.

Contact our new Editor-in-Chief at alexander.strauss@mail.yu.edu