Why I left YU, and Why I’m Writing About It Now

Published: January-04-2017       Author: Joshua Tranen

I started writing a version of this essay two years ago, during my final semester in Yeshiva College. My final semester, but I wasn’t graduating; I had spent the better half of the year filling out college transfer applications and now, as winter turned to spring, acceptance notices began appearing in my email inbox. That I was leaving Yeshiva College was not a secret. From the first day of the academic year, I told everyone who would listen—friends, professors, my... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Rachel Mesch

Published: January-03-2017       Author: Rachel Mesch

To the Editor, I am dismayed by the discussion of transgender issues in response to Ben Shapiro’s talk on the YC campus, and in particular by the language being used. With the term “transgenderism” Shapiro takes up the vocabulary of those who wish to cast doubt on the real, difficult choices faced by those assigned a gender at birth that does not match their own innate sense of who they are. “Transgenderism” is not an ideology, like feminism or socialism,... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Alexander Chester

Published: January-03-2017       Author: Alexander Chester

To the Editor, I’m a proud supporter and former student of YU (and also a graduate of MTA). But YU’s new advertising campaign is embarrassing. The campaign (see attached) makes three claims about other universities: Their sports teams play on Shabbat. Many have exams on holidays. And “other schools support BDS on campus.” Each of these is more preposterous and embarrassing than its predecessor. First, does YU really want to be comparing its athletics program to that of other schools... Read more

Letter to the Editor

Published: December-12-2016       Author: Richard Joel

To the Editor: I would like to echo the concerns shared by members of the faculty in today’s letter regarding the December 5 student-sponsored talk. A university should and must offer diverse viewpoints and opinions, but let there be no mistake – this university is committed to civility and the sanctity of all people. This applies to our admissions and employment process, as well as our daily interactions in and outside of the classroom. Sadly, the current political climate is... Read more

Letter to the Editor

Published: December-12-2016       Author: Shalom Carmy

To the Editor: I cannot respond to the entire tape of Ben Shapiro’s presentation and I generally avoid signing collective declarations written by others. Yet it would be shameful and mortifying to me and to what I believe in if the absence of my name from the faculty letter of protest were interpreted as condoning the substance of his remarks. “There is death and life in the power of the tongue” (Mishle 18:21). To make cheap irresponsible insult comedy out... Read more

Letter to the Editor

Published: December-12-2016       Author: Undersigned Faculty

To the Editor: We the undersigned are extremely disturbed that on the night of Monday December 5, during a talk hosted by a Yeshiva University student group, Ben Shapiro mocked transgender people– and drew applause and laughter from a packed audience in Lamport Auditorium. Shapiro is not an expert on transgender experience or mental health, and his opinion does not reflect the current understanding of these very serious issues, in which people’s lives are literally at stake. Public humiliation of... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Varying Perspectives — Yes, Thank You

Published: December-05-2016       Author: Avraham Wein

Dear Editor, After reading Akiva Schick’s recent opinion piece “The Need for Varying Perspectives,” I felt both impressed by his argument and compelled by his logic. While the issue of coeducation in an Orthodox Jewish setting is justifiably and appropriately complex on a variety of fronts, I felt that Schick’s piece was a sensible and valuable contribution to this much broader discussion as he adeptly articulated one important and relevant consideration to the topic. I (and Schick) am not commenting... Read more

Alabama and the Confederate Flag: An Interview with Nate Trudeau

Published: November-22-2016       Author: Yitzchak Fried

By this time, it is well known that someone wore a Confederate flag at the YU election party. A widely circulated photo shows the student from the back, the flag draped around his shoulders like a cloak. For many, if not most, students on campus, the image was highly disturbing, with its clear connection to white supremacy and racism. Rabbi Kenneth Brander assured students in a recent letter to the student population that “Mr. Jonathan Schwab and Dr. Chaim Nissel... Read more

Is The YC Core Interdisciplinary?

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Yisroel Ben-Porat

When Yeshiva College implemented the Core Curriculum in 2012, it fundamentally changed its educational philosophy. Whereas the old curriculum required students to take classes from specific disciplines, the Core claims to be interdisciplinary. According to the official description on YU’s website, Core courses transcend traditional divisions between disciplines; CUOT courses “engage academic methods and approaches in more than one field,” and INTC courses “provide students with foundational tools for… various domains of the creative arts.” However, it is worth assessing... Read more

The Apple Revolution is Over

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Zach Sterman

A long time ago Apple led a revolution. Steve Jobs inspired a movement and fueled Apple’s success with his vision of a company that was a rebellion against the ordinary; a bastion of innovation where people were implored to ‘Think Different.’ That revolution is now dead. This is not to say that the company is falling apart. There is no question that Apple has achieved unprecedented success over the last 40-or-so years. Apple has now topped Forbes’ ranking of the... Read more

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