Executive Column: An Interview with Noted YU Alumnus Tony Fiorino

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Michael Shavolian and The Entrepreneurship & Biotechnology Club

Tony Fiorino, M.D., Ph.D. has been President and CEO of Triumvira Immunologics, a cancer immunotherapy company, since December 2015. Prior to this, he was CEO at BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics from 2014-2015. Dr. Fiorino was also Founder and CEO of EnzymeRx, where he led the acquisition of a late-stage pre-clinical biologic and the development of the compound through phase 1/2 clinical trials and its subsequent sale to 3SBio. Before founding EnzymeRx, Dr. Fiorino worked as a biotechnology and pharmaceuticals analyst and... Read more

The Google of the Ocean

Published: November-27-2016       Author: Binyamin Zirman

While ships have been sailing the oceans for millennia, until very recently it was literally impossible to know a vessel’s location once it sailed past the range of the radar screen, about 30 miles off shores. The $1 trillion global business of shipping raw materials and finished goods by rail, ship, or plane has lagged most of the modern economy in both transparency and speed, largely skipping the digital overhaul most other industries have undergone. The last “wild west” frontier,... Read more

Snapchat: The Supposed $25 Billion Dollar Company

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Ezra Berman

Roughly five years ago, the social media industry was about to undergo an industry-altering change, a change that many Yeshiva University students would view as for the better. In September of 2011, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy became famous for creating Snapchat, a revolutionary social media app which allows users to send a disappearing image. Spiegel became inspired after he heard countless stories of people scouring Facebook and untagging themselves from photos or even photoshopping pictures, fearing their world would... Read more

Sy Syms Welcomes Noted Conservative Economist on Cusp of Election

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Avishai (Jacob) Cohen

On Wednesday, November 2, Sy Syms welcomed Dr. Kevin Hassett, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, a leading policy think-tank. Hassett’s impressive credentials include advising the presidential campaigns of President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain, and Governor Mitt Romney. He also taught economics at Columbia University and was a senior economist for the Fed’s Board of Governors. In addition to frequent media appearances, Hassett has also published several books. The lecture was co-sponsored by a... Read more

The Case Everyone Should Be Following

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Mendel Harlig

Do you believe that the government should stay out of the financial sector? Or, do you maintain that government has the ability to meddle with affairs if it’s for the public good, and perhaps should even control more of the private markets? Whatever your perspective is on the role of government, one should be fascinated with the current court cases that are taking place between the government and members of the private sector regarding Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. When... Read more

What-er (Water) you doing?

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Binyamin Zirman

Thousands have lived without love, but no one can survive without water. Water is such an essential part of our world (around 70-75 percent of the world is water), our bodies (roughly 70 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water), and our lives (a person can live about a month without food, but only about a week without water). Yet we are so careless with our water, especially in the United States. Approximately 400 billion gallons of... Read more

The Changing Face of Equity Research

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Adam Kramer

One of Wall Street’s oldest and most prestigious industries is set to undergo a major transformation over the next few years, but what this means for the research industry and its clients is unclear. Wall Street analysts conduct research on equities, credit, the macroeconomy, among other areas, often specializing in one specific sector or subsector. For example, within a major research firm’s equities division, there will be multiple senior analysts covering technology stocks, with one senior analyst specializing in software... Read more

The Career Center: Far More Than Just The Accounting Center

Published: November-06-2016       Author: Etan (Alex) Neiman

There are many secrets contained within the walls of Yeshiva University. These can range from the best teachers to take to how the Café manages to be so expensive to the latest happenings on the twelfth floor of Belfer. However, there is one department in our university which is dutifully working on telling its secret. All they need is for the students to listen. The invaluable Career Center is far more than just the “Accounting Center” or “Finance Center”, as... Read more

The Ins and Outs of Index Investing

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Evan Axelrod

Saving and investing should be a top priority for all 20-something year olds. As Yeshiva University and other college students alike work their way through college and enter the workforce, they’re going to face the question of what to do with their hard-earned money not spent on daily consumptions. This quandary is not unique to college students. Most individuals, to escape the effects of inflation, choose to invest their money. Whatever one’s profession, the consensus logical thing to do with... Read more

Changes Come to YU’s Career Center

Published: September-18-2016       Author: Ezra Berman

As many students have noticed, there were a lot of changes on the YU campus over the summer. One of the biggest sources of change came from the Career Center, specifically to their staff and YU CareerLink website. While change can lead to concern, especially in regards to something as important to the student body as the Career Center, this article gets to the bottom of the true nature of these changes. The change students may notice most immediately is... Read more

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