David Stern Comes to YU

Published: December-10-2014       Author: 

Reflecting on his 30 years as commissioner of the NBA, David Stern graced the YU campus with an informative and, at times, comedic speech. Max Stern, president of the YU Sports Management Club, formed a business relationship with the former NBA commissioner’s secretary. David Stern, intrigued by the idea of visiting YU, agreed to come speak to the YU student body. Following an introduction by Max and a video highlighting Stern’s role in helping the NBA to evolve into a... Read more

Syms’ Accounting Department Ranked #16 Nationally

Published: November-17-2014       Author: 

The dream of signing on the dotted line to your first full-time job offer is one of the primary motivations for students to enroll in business school. For most, college is viewed as a growing experience, a place where students explore their interests, find themselves and decide what they want to do with their lives. The anxiety that exists when it comes to making such big decisions is often overwhelming. Since most students at YU spend their freshman year in... Read more

Syms Curriculum Incorporates Business Ethics

Published: October-01-2014       Author: 

Business Halacha was recently added to the Sy Syms School of Business curriculum as a required class for all students, filling a Jewish studies requirement. I spoke to Sy Syms Dean, and Alvin Einbender Professor of Business Ethics, Dr. Moses Pava and RIETS Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Ozer Glickman about the origins and development of the course. Dr. Pava has dedicated his life to the study of business ethics and has published about ten books and dozens of journal articles on... Read more

From an Accounting Major’s Journal: 6 Things to do with an Accounting Degree

Published: October-01-2014       Author: 

If you major in Accounting (CPA-track) in Syms, the overwhelming direction you will receive from the Career Center is to find an internship, then a full-time position, in one of the “Big Four” CPA firms, where you will work while studying for your CPA. When you get to one of these firms, you may realize that you can’t handle the hours or are interested in something else. What else can you do with an accounting degree? Public accounting I would... Read more

Keeping Up with “Big Data”: Syms Debuts New Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics Major

Published: October-01-2014       Author: 

Last semester, Sy Syms’ Dean Moses Pava announced that among broader curriculum changes, the Information and Decision Sciences (IDS) major would be replaced by a new major, Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics. “At some point students lost interest in the major and the jobs changed,” said Dr. Avi Giloni, Associate Dean of Sy Syms and Chair of the IDS Department, explaining why the major was replaced. The nature of business is rapidly changing; organizations, both public and private, have started... Read more

Syms is Soaring: Student Enrollment Continues to Increase

Published: October-01-2014       Author: 

The Sy Syms School of Business is on the rise. An ever increasing amount of students are deciding that Sy Syms is their college of choice. Enrollment in Sy Syms has skyrocketed from 409 students in the Spring of 2012 to 619 students enrolled for the current Fall semester. Over the last three years, Syms has seen its student body increase by 48 percent. At one point (2008), Syms had as many as 693 students, but amid rumors that the... Read more

Recruiting Season at YU

Published: September-11-2014       Author: 

When it comes to recruiting season, Yeshiva University’s Career Center does not waste any time. On the first Thursday of the school year the Career Center held the annual on campus recruiting prep event. YU students piled into Weissberg Commons by the hundreds to hear from an esteemed panel of Yeshiva University alumni who have successfully attained coveted positions within the finance and accounting fields. The panel consisted of alumni from various graduating classes, all in different stages of their... Read more

A Conversation with Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Dean Michael Strauss

Published: September-11-2014       Author: 

  Entrepreneurship. It’s what empowers the individual to make a difference. Entrepreneurs have an “I can do it” attitude; and boldly state: “my ideas will succeed; I will rise to the top; I won’t take no for an answer.” Entrepreneurs are constantly looking to challenge the status quo, asking how they can do it better.  Acting without fear, entrepreneurs see problems in society as opportunities and bend over backwards to create solutions. But not all entrepreneurs are able to achieve... Read more

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